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About usTobby Vision Computers Institute(TVC) is a Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institute in Bambui, North West Region of Cameroon.TVC was founded in February 2002 to train Cameroonian farmers, students (youth), civil servants, businessmen and entrepreneurs in the use of Computers and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).Students of ages fourteen up to fifty have been enrolled and trained with us since 2002 either for a three / six / nine months computer course or for our computer summer holiday classes.We have trained outstanding IT professionals.We work with dedicated teachers and foreign volunteers, who work with leading tech and other international companies.Our Core ValuesThe conduct of Tobby Vision Computers Institute community members is guided by four core values:Demand driven services: Continuously reevaluating our offering to meet national socio-economic needsExcellence: Exceed stakeholder expectations through superior service deliveryTransparency: Delivering transparent services enabling stakeholders to monitor processes and proceduresTeam work: Strive to optimize synergies – work hard to meet goals -live the team spirit at Tobby Vision – collaborate

Stats we are proud of

  • 1%

    of our sales are donated creative innovation

  • 1%

    of our sales are donated to environmental causes

  • 1%`

    of sales are donated to vulnerable children

  • 1%

    of our sales are donated to local innovation

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 4


  • Walters Ntuyui

    Offered training in education

  • John Elnfor

    Offered innovation tools

  • Paul Nsambi

    Trained in technical skills

  • Kuyop Paul

    Trained in technical skills