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TriStone Holdings Ltd - A Firm of Distinction.

The objective of our firm, is to seek undervalued, high quality, high yielding assets primarily focusing on: leases, wells, infrastructure and geological libraries in order to create a positive cash flow business model ultimately benefitting the many stakeholders we serve. The Company plans to capitalise on the ever-expanding demand from the world energy markets and profit from it by making timely and strategic acquisitions of carefully selected energy properties/assets that are not widely marketed, have lots of upside potential, and can be purchased significantly under the prevailing market prices and/or under their intrinsic market value.

The Company’s strategy is to develop and grow these acquired properties by increasing their revenue and profitability, which will, in turn, increase their total asset value. We will continue in our pursuit of knowledge, understanding and in ceasing globally diversified opportunities that tie in with our strict and productive model. We scour the markets for opportunities that have the potential to offer considerable upside over the medium term whilst locking in security and positive carry for the long term.

As a firm, we are molded by our core principals and all of the hard work we tirelessly put in is for the benefits of the great number of stakeholders we cater for. We are here due to the continued support they give us and in turn, we undertake our daily work by aiming to deliver unrivaled levels of results.

'‚Äã'Our commitment to integrity, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to respecting our teammates, associates, and stakeholders - that's what makes this business work'‚Äã'‚Äã. At TriStone, we aim to deliver high growth investment returns across all our projects and acquisitions.

For further information regarding our services please contact us and we shall be happy to assist you further.

Main Tel: 0800 055 7079

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