Careers at Treedom

Treedom is the first platform to allow people and companies to plant trees and see their impact online, supporting local farmers around the world. Treedom is the largest global tree planting community in Italy and Germany - our goal for the next three years is to become the leading tree planter in Europe. Consumers through our website can adopt or give a tree and therefore offset CO2 emissions. Corporations across several sectors have built forests with Treedom to reach goals in CSR, marketing and communication. The goal is to plant over 10 Million trees by 2023, absorbing 10 Million TON of CO2 and financing 200,000 farmers.

Our Numbers: + 3,250,000 trees planted across more than 17 countries; + 192,000 beneficiary farmers; + 9,200 corporate customers; + 1,100,000 active users in our community

Stats we are proud of

  • 3.2m

    Trees planted

  • 196k

    Smallholder farmers supported

  • >1m

    individual users

  • >9000

    Corporate partners

Behind the scenes