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Tutorfair is the charitable tutoring marketplace.

The easiest way to find the best tutors; our mission is to make tutoring fair, which is why every lesson includes a donation that supports our charity.

Widest Choice
Learn from one of the UK's largest communities of professional tutors, and find an expert who suits your learning style.

The Right Fit
Easily compare tutors, including background checks and student reviews to choose a tutor based on what's important to you.

Real Results
Reach your goals faster, boost your learning and improve your confidence with help from a Tutorfair private tutor.

How it works
1. Choose your Tutor. Search and compare local tutors using your postcode, subject, level and budget.
2. Connect with Experts. Send messages and contact tutors for free to ensure you find the right one.
3. Book and Pay with Ease. Book and pay for all your lessons securely through the website.
4. Let the Learning Begin. Your tutor will personalise each of your one-to-one sessions specially to your goals.

Behind the scenes