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We are a UK based wireless company and wholly owned and invested in by HKT/PCCW corporate credentials (HKT & PCCW bring technology know how' to the market)

We are a small business. We have about 120 people working for us.

We are based in Ealing West London and Wokingham Berkshire.

We're rapidly growing!

About us

UK Broadband is the UK's largest commercial holder of national radio spectrum suitable for 4G mobile services and fixed wireless solutions. We switched on the first 4G LTE system for commercial services in the UK in February 2012 in London and now provide 4G LTE services in London, Reading, Swindon and Scunthorpe.

We provide wireless data capacity, equipment, services and solutions to the telecoms industry, service providers, channel partners and the public sector.

By offering 4G LTE wireless services over our extensive holding of national radio spectrum, we can deliver high-capacity Next Generation Access broadband and mobile data services to help meet needs such as efficient mobile working, digital and social inclusion, re-deployable surveillance, community healthcare and education, as well as city and rural, home and business broadband access.

Our vision is to work with partners to provide greater digital freedom by enabling people to benefit from high speed data with access to a world of rich content when and where they want it.


Employee's View

Here's what a few of our employees at UKB have to say about our recruitment!

Launch Director: 

”The time from the initial contact to setting up an interview (a couple of hours) was really impressive as it gave me the message that UK Broadband was serious about the role and that there was a sense of urgency. I felt that with the job description and the company information that I had, I knew enough about UK Broadband to have a view on the company. The process to get references etc was painless for me and the standard contract was pretty straightforward. The 'readiness' of UK Broadband on my first day was great - not many companies that have laptops, emails etc set up on day 1.”

Business Process Specialist:

”The VP HR spent quite a bit of time ensuring I got a reasonable understanding of the business and the general environment to get a feel for whether I would fit in to the culture. This was good because it gave me an open and honest picture of the business and gave me the chance to make a good assessment of whether it was a job I wanted. By the end of the interview I was sure that UKB is somewhere I wanted to work, the role was something I would enjoy and the VP HR was somebody I wanted to work for. My first day was really well planned out and I really appreciated that. There is nothing worse than a first day when you are sitting around with nothing to do and not sure of what you should be doing, but here I had a full agenda planned out for the day. The initial welcome and set up was informative, including lots of practical and helpful information. I had a good amount of time booked in with colleagues so I got quite a good knowledge base right from the start. “

Head of Propositions:

“I had spoken to UK Broadband about a previous role last year. I was actually quite impressed that you had kept my details, remembered/noted the interaction before and then contacted me proactively for this position. Very quick to respond and get interviews arranged in a very short timeframe – came over as really flexible. Especially as you knew that I had other jobs going on, I really appreciated people making decisions and coming back quickly.

Good to start at 10am on the first day – means less stress about being late when you haven’t done the journey in rush hour before! I thought it was also very nice to be introduced to everyone (and that an email had been sent about my arrival) so although I didn’t remember everyone’s names, they all knew exactly who I was! On my first day all employees were friendly and happy to help in the first few days, I haven’t come across anyone who is obstructive or uncooperative at all!“


What can we offer Escapees?

Work in a talented, ambitious, like-minded team, keen to succeed

Be at the forefront of a new technology opening new opportunities

Green field – come in and support the design and the growth from ground up

Think outside the box

Get your ideas heard and influence what you do

Broaden your horizons and develop your skills without being restricted by precedent, process and old ideas

Work with and learn from highly specialised, talented colleagues

Receive corporate benefits without the bureaucracy

Work in light airy offices in the centre of Ealing, close to restaurants and shops and rail links to Paddington

Be recognised for your achievements and rewarded for your performance

Be part of the future success story of our business


What it's like to work here ?

UKB is a fast-growth, small business where empowerment is encouraged. Our flat structure enables us to make quick and accurate decisions, and encourage participation in decision making. The environment suits team players, self-starters and self-motivated individuals who are keen to develop and succeed.

We expect and embrace change – it is all part of building a successful business. We are never static.

We work with different opportunities and different challenges which change our processes and structures.

We are flexible in approach but focused on delivery.

We work together as a team to make things happen – we don’t do status and ego.

We like to challenge and be challenged. We don’t do boring.

Behind the scenes