Unicorn Orange

Unicorn Orange

Careers at Unicorn Orange

We are an Amazon agency specialising in working with challenger brands.

We are a small, friendly team based in Ladbroke Grove, London! We are growing fast and will be integral to the success of Unicorn Orange, working closely with the founder and co-founder.

What Unicorn Orange stands for

We use principles every day, whether discussing new ideas or working out the best way to solve a problem. We do our best to BE AWESOME.

B- Bottle neck (Don't be the..)

Don't be the bottle neck. Never be the reason for something to not progress and be quick to communicate completion of the task to the relevant person (internal or external). If there are delays, we want to ensure this isn't because of us being slow to make our contribution to a task.

A- Attention to detail in our work. Have relentless high standards and take pride in everything you do. Check, double check and triple check your work before sharing with others.

W- Willingness to help our team. One team, one dream. Learn and share best practices and show off to our clients.

E- Exceed client expectations. We wouldn't be a business without our clients. Never say no and always think of a solution to make our clients happy.

S- Simplify and elevate. Be aware of external new ideas and create innovation that enables scaling and simplicity.

O- Ownership in our work. Become the subject matter expert of the work you manage. Take total ownership and fully research all aspects of the work.

M- Make data driven decision. What story is the data telling you? Always be sceptical when metrics and anecdotes differ.

E- Efficiency. Achieve the maximum output from the minimum input

Behind the scenes