Unlocked Graduates

Unlocked Graduates

Careers at Unlocked Graduates

Unlocked is a unique two-year leadership development programme which recruits top graduates and career changers to work in prisons as officers for two years. Our officers take on one of the biggest challenges in public service as they work to break cycles of reoffending and give a second chance to some of the most vulnerable people in society. Participants on the programme take on one of the toughest frontline jobs there is, learning skills that will propel them into leadership roles in a range of sectors when they complete the scheme. Supported at every step of the way with a rigorous training programme and experienced mentor, they are also fully funded to complete a Master's degree that will push them to develop new approaches and policies in their prisons.

Our Mission & Vision

We're driving change in the prison system by having graduates become Prisoner Officers

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Escape's take on Unlocked Graduates

Unlocked Graduates is working to break cycles of reoffending by identifying brilliant people and supporting them to spend two years working as frontline prison officers. We love the innovative solution to reducing reoffending, as well as the positive impact that Unlocked Graduates has had on the talented people that participate in the scheme, as well as the team behind the organisation!

Stats we are proud of

  • 53%

    Over half of our participants promoted to specialist roles

  • 20k+

    We have received over 20,000 applications

  • 1/3rd

    We have worked with 1/3rd of the prisoner population

  • 1st

    Personnel Today's ‘Graduate Scheme of the Year‘ in 2018

Behind the scenes