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Untamed Borders

Careers at Untamed Borders

Untamed Borders is a small travel company that leads the way in cutting edge adventure travel. We have been pioneering tourism across Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa since 2008. We were the first company to run ski trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, the first company to arrange commercial travel to Somalia, the first British company to run trips to Chechnya and Dagestan. We also work with professional people on research, journalism or documentary projects. We are a dynamic, hard working, growing company.

Our Mission & Vision

We tour the world s most interesting and inaccessible places.

Stats we are proud of

  • 12

    is the maximum number of people we take on any one tour.

  • 32

    different incredible countries offered.

  • 1

    or more local guides hired for every departure

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 8


  • Bonuses

    Dependent on success of company

  • Travel!

    The chance to travel to the World's most amazing locations for work!

  • Socials

    Team socials once a month. Anything from go-karting, board game nights, dinners, samba drumming and movie nights.

  • Regular salary reviews

    In line with a salary framework, to ensure equal pay for equal work and that we recognise and reward when your responsibilities increase.

  • Flexible working

    Whether your child's ill, you're waiting for a package, or you have some deep-focussed work to do, we all work from home (or café) from time to time. We encourage everyone to work from home when you need to.

  • Holiday

    X days’ holiday a year (inc UK public holidays), and we encourage you to use them all up! It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Unpaid holiday

    If you want to take more time off than your holiday we're happy to accommodate that.