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Village Industrial Power’s (VIP) CHP power plant enables rural farmers to increase the value of their crops by up to 10x. Using agricultural waste as fuel, the VIP 10-40 creates thermal, electrical, and mechanical energy to transform crops into higher value products. VIP’s power plants are currently on the ground in East Africa and India.

Our Biomass-Fueled Power Plant

The VIP 10-40 unit is robust, reliable, and on demand, enabling farmers to process their own crops and participate directly in the value chain. VIP’s carbon neutral engine is fuel flexible, using waste such as maize cobs, coffee parchment, mango pits, and bagasse to supply thermal, electric, and mechanical power.

The Steam Engine That Can!

The VIP 10-40 is fuel flexible, clean burning, and able to run on numerous biomass feedstocks. Super-heated steam produces heat that can be used to produce either hot air or hot water on demand for a wide range of agricultural applications. The VIP 10-40 unit offers the lowest cost of electricity in its class. It’s designed to be robust and easily operated. Using only two wrenches, the engine can be disassembled and reassembled in an hour. It’s an engine of economic growth.

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