Volunteering Journeys

Volunteering Journeys

Careers at Volunteering Journeys

Volunteering Journeys is an international organisation that provides volunteering, service learning and internship opportunities in selected countries mainly India, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bali and South Africa. We connect individuals who are passionate about travel in a meaningful way to local projects that need volunteer support. Through this we hope that one can travel in a more deeper way, connect with locals, enrich their lives, get international work experience or learn something new that can help to build their career building.

We really strive for quality driven programs such as teaching, disabled care, childcare, sports, arts and medical placements that are suitable for any age groups. We also offer Marine Conservation and Animal Conservation opportunities. Our Opportunities can reach out to any discipline particularly those in the realm of Education, Tourism, Marine, Animal, Health Care &Medicine or Humanities.On all our programs we follow the below

1.We customise programs to give you relevant real world exposure
2. Our projects and operations involve working with professionals and we partner with industry leaders as well as communities that deserve support. In India we run our own operations and self started projects.
3. Program teams are all local with relevant work experience which means volunteers always get support.
4. All our projects involve cultural learning and development

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