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Anxiety, stress, and mental health issues are growing at alarmingly high rates and organisations and their employees are increasingly seeking preventative health solutions to avoid burnout.

Walking on Earth was founded in 2020 with the purpose of tackling the workplace stress epidemic. We believe that by taking a proactive and holistic approach, each employee can be empowered with the knowledge, tools and techniques to manage the negative effects of stress and reach their full potential.

Our solution is to provide informational and practical training both through live sessions and on-demand through our app. We’ve developed an integrative platform offering courses delivered by world-leading experts including Ted Speakers and NYT bestselling authors, across a range of subjects focused on stress resilience - including meditation, nutrition and neuroscience.

We work with businesses who have the same belief. Who understand that cultivating a work environment centered around employee health and happiness builds a more engaged, loyal and productive workforce.

Find out more about Walking on Earth here: https://walkingonearth.com/

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