Careers at Wasafiri

A trusted partner for complex problems: Wasafiri is a global consultancy, incubator and institute helping leaders and organizations tackle some of the world’s most complex problems. From our offices in Kenya, UK and USA, we have a long-standing record of helping our clients achieve impact at scale on the systems related to conflict, poverty, food insecurity, and environmental sustainability. Together, we are helping creating a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.

A decade of transformative impact: From our work on the front lines, we’ve established a unique depth of understanding about what it takes to drive change at scale. For instance, we’ve partnered with the World Economic Forum to unlock inclusive private sector investment across Africa, worked with Yara to incubate the leading youth agripreneurship initiative on the continent, helped the UK’s National Grid devise it’s Net Zero Carbon Strategy, and worked with East African governments to understand and counter the threat of violent extremism.

Working with the world’s leading organisations: We work with respected institutions spanning the development, government and private sectors, including USAID, the World Wide Fund for Nature, The Rockefeller Foundation, the NHS and Econet. They choose us for our applied understanding of system change, our relentless drive towards transformative action, our well-established regional understanding and networks and our positive approach to collaboration.

A collaborative approach: Wasafiri, means “travellers” in Swahili, and was inspired by the phrase, “Traveller, there is no path: we make the path as we walk together.” This simple statement evokes a sense of how we will work with you; as trusted adviser and collaborator. Our people are change-makers and innovators; thematic experts, facilitators and researchers. They bring deep expertise, local insight, proven experience, and are a pleasure to work with.

Behind the scenes