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Wecinity is a mobile platform where you can buy / sell / swap books, services and many other new and used classified items in your neighbourhood. In your vicinity!

- Search for new or used, academic or non-academic books by title, author, or subject. Filter the search by price, distance, or condition of the book.

- Counter offer if you want to bargain! Or offer to swap it with one of the items you are selling or any services you are offering. Or well… accept it straight away.

- Upload a book to sell in 30 seconds. Just scan the barcode, rest of the details will be fetched. You can add / edit them easily.

- Search for deals in your vicinity. Someone may just be selling an antique you have been planning to buy for that corner of the house.

- Ask buyer any questions about the product or browse through the questions other people have already asked.

- Chat with the sellers, email buyers once the deal has been finalised to arrange the post or pickup.


- Download the app!

- Register or log-in

- Browse the items / services you are looking for, upload the items you want to sell or add stuff to your favourites for a future shopping.

- Lay back and enjoy a beautiful shopping experience in your own little flea shop, from the comfort of your couch.

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- https://www.twitter.com/wecinity
- https://wecinity.tumblr.com
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