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We are Well&Truly a new British food brand for the health conscious consumer and our mission is to offer consumers delicious yet healthier alternatives to everyday snacks.

All our products are vegetarian certified gluten free and non-GMO. We are on a mission to get the UK to #EatWellLiveTruly.


About us

We’ll keep this simple, as that’s a big part of the Well&Truly philosophy!

Why add something unnecessarily or overcomplicate a product when ‘All Natural’ ingredients speak for themselves. That’s the foundation of Well&Truly, and we’ve set out to change snacking so that healthier doesn’t mean boring or tasteless.

Our brand is built upon making simple swaps towards a better diet, using creativity rather than additives to make an interesting and tasty product. Using familiar snacks that appeal to the mass market, we take away artificial flavourings and nasties to make a range of heathier snacks.

We may be a small start-up (for now…), but we’re on a mission to get the UK to #EatWellLiveTruly and change the way people snack.


Opportunities at Well&Truly

We are on a mission to change snacking, we want healthy to also be delicious.

We need brilliant people who inspire and deliver change all around them. That's why we're always looking for talented, ambitious and passionate people to come and join us.

We can't do it without you!


Our Products

Our aim is to offer consumers tasty & better for you alternatives to everyday snacks. Gluten free food has come a long way in the last 5 years and encouragingly, there are more & more artisan producers making wonderful gluten free products but we still have trouble finding items that we can grab in the morning and take with us to work as a snack, or gluten-free snacking products that taste good enough to treat friends & family to at get togethers without breaking the bank. This is the gap in the market we are aiming to fill.

Our defining USP is that our products taste delicious, are gluten free and have at least one further secondary health benefit! As an example, our crunchy Tortilla Chips are certified gluten free which is extremely important to anyone with Coeliac Disease (we produce in a dedicated Gluten Free facility so there is no risk of cross contamination) and they also contain 40% less fat. We only use all natural, real ingredients and the W&T guarantee is that our range will never contain trans-fats, artificial additives or preservatives, GMO or MSG – basically, no nasties of any kind. 


You’ll now find Well&Truly in Tesco, Whole Foods Market, Booths and over 1000 independent stockists across the UK!


What is life like at Well&Truly?

We want to create a business we can be proud of. The team at Well&Truly is still small but we constantly challenge eachother, love new ideas and are all foodies. Everyone is pushing in the same direction and we balance hard weeks of work with fun days out. If one of us is having a tough day we jump in the Piaggio Ape and watch people on the streets of London light up with a huge smile as we drive past.

We think it's a great place to work and are lucky enough to have been voted one of UK's top 100 start ups. 

Joining Well&Truly at this early stage offers a huge development opportunity for anyone keen to work in a fast-growth food and drink business. There is loads to learn and so many opportunities to go after. The Head of Sales and Co-Founders are always around to offer support or share some snacks with! 


Where can i find out more about Well&Truly?

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Why are we exciting?

In just over 12 months, Well&Truly is now stocked in over 1600+ sstores in the UK and 2017 is set for an exciting year of growth.

Operating as a small team, new Well&Truly employees would be joining the business at an integral time as we set to change the face of healthy snacks!

We have laods of exciting plans for the next 12 months and want the most passionate, energetic and entrepreneurial people to come on the journey with us.

Behind the scenes