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 We are a well-established local charity providing a critical service to the growing number of low income households very often in crisis. We are the only Food Bank operating across the entire area of West Northumberland, we are independent and although we operate an open referral system many other agencies refer into us including the Northumberland County Council, the NHS, Probation, Housing etc.  Our Objectives are to: 

Provide free food and household essentials Target support to address the causes/effects of poverty Provide follow on support to address the consequences of persistent poverty through signposting, referral and advocacy to community projects that empower and connect people Work with others to reduce poverty

We provide a Helpline and Delivery service, last year was our busiest ever we supported almost 1000 adults and over 580 children experiencing poverty and delivered over 11,000 food parcels, which is more than we have ever had to help in 10 years. It would be impossible to help so many people without the vital support we receive from our local communities, we have over 70 volunteers, around 450 local people give regular cash donations and we receive over 1000 food collections a year from local groups, schools and churches and valued partnerships throughout our business community. 

Behind the scenes