What A Melon

What A Melon

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Who are we?

We are an independent British soft drinks company specialising in health & hydration drinks. Our mission is to create drinks that not only improve consumers health but also do society some good.


Our values

Following on from Escape The City's lead we are incredibly proud to be approved as the first European ‘B Corp’ in soft drinks. B Corp's are for-profit businesses that have social and environmental outcomes as part of their mission. It's like a Fairtrade product stamp, but for the whole company. We are certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


Why are we exciting?

Our brand What A Melon is the all natural taste of summer without the bits and pips. What’s in it? Just the delicious water from a watermelon, and a little dash of lemon to keep it freshhhh.

Never ever from concentrate, with no added sugar and absolutely nothing artificial. People say it's a delicious alternative to coconut water since it's packed full of rehydrating electrolytes, but the truth is, it's even better than coconut water. Unlike coconut water, watermelon water contains the awesome antioxidant lycopene and the muscle loving amino acid citrulline

Behind the scenes