WHEB Asset Management

WHEB Asset Management

Careers at WHEB Asset Management

WHEB is a positive impact investor focused on the opportunities created by the transition to a low carbon and sustainable global economy. We are well known and respected for our experience, expertise and innovation in sustainable and impact investing. We focus on a single global equity strategy, which has been developed over the long-term and tested across market cycles. We are an owner managed partnership that is incentivised to take long-term decisions.

WHEB Asset Management is a Certified B Corporation.WHEB is a people business. We want to attract and retain the most talented people. To do that we need to make WHEB a great place to work and build a career. We also need to recognise that there is more to life than work, and we need to support our employees’ commitments outside of work too. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can create an environment and a working style which is designed to support families, working parents, and an attractive work-life balance.

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Escape's take on WHEB Asset Management

WHEB is among a swathe of impact investment organisations on Escape the City whose focus is on injecting money into projects and organisations that are solving sustainability challenges. Their goal is to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon, sustainable economy while generating long-term value for their clients. This boutique B Corp is a great 'Escape' organisation for those with experience in the asset management sector that are looking to incorporate purpose and impact in their career.

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