Careers at WhiteHat

Started from the bottom now we’re here

We’re WhiteHat, a tech startup democratising access to the best careers. We match non-graduate talent with apprenticeship opportunities at some of the UK's most exciting companies.

We're also a registered apprenticeship training provider, and by delivering our training in partnership with world-class content providers - through a combination of 1:1 coaching and cutting-edge tech - we offer apprenticeships that genuinely rival the learning experience at elite universities.

The average apprentice is likely to be older than 24 and already in employment - and that needs to change. We believe apprenticeships should be prioritised as a way of empowering young people to build great careers, without first having to pursue 3 years of university education and absorb increasing levels of debt.

We are a purpose driven organisation that believes apprenticeships are essential to driving greater opportunity. That’s why we work with a truly diverse and exceptional group of 16-23 year olds.

The introduction of the Levy has given a once in a generation chance for us to build an alternative pathway to an amazing career and ensure that a broad range of employers, where young people truly want to work, are engaging with this agenda.

We are a talent accelerator helping to create a diverse group of future leaders.

Behind the scenes