Women Empowerment Networking and Development Organisation

Women Empowerment Networking and Development Organisation

Careers at Women Empowerment Networking and Development Organisation

The organisation mainly helps women and girls living in poverty in Kenya with charitable services targeting them as individuals, thier households and thier communities. WENDO will be offering the following services to the potential beneficiaries;

Providing education financial support (in school fees) and other educational requirements (school uniforms, mobility items, shoes) for school going underprivileged girls. Carrying out girls mentorship for education and career development Providing sexual and reproductive health services and menstrual hygiene management supplies to girls and women of productive age living in poverty. Conducting vocational/livelihoods/entrepreneurship skills training, provide startup capital or assets for women living in poverty. Providing shelter, food and clothing for households of vulnerable women living in poverty Providing disability aids for disabled women and girls living in poverty Providing training on agri-business and agricultural inputs to women in poverty Conducting capacity strengthening of women self-help groups Supporting day care for services for children of women living in poverty Conducting awareness to men, community leaders and other community influential persons on and advocating rights of women and girls Providing community level water sanitation and hygiene and health services to women in poverty.  Providing of community-based health services

Through the services of this charity, women and girls will be economically empowered, thier access to education, health care and livelihood opportunities improved. Thes activities will utimately cotribute to the overall well-being and socio economic development of women and girls living in poverty.   

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