Careers at Wordeo

Wordeo is the video messaging app for messages that need more than just words. We're a growing team with good funding lots of experience and tons of ideas.

About us

Wordeo developed from an idea to co-create the world’s first visual dictionary for fun, personal and expressive video messaging. Our small London based team has been on a mission to provide the tools to inspire and support our community so that together we can redefine messaging in a way that is more expressive and meaningful.

We’ve evolved with the help and inspiration of our community through months of collaboration, feedback and improvements. We heard that people want more than selfies, more than auto-generated birthday wishes and more than viral videos laughing at someone’s expense.

For messages to be meaningful to the receiver requires some effort by the sender and this is where Wordeo comes in. We’ve brought the visualisation of words combined with the essence of the thoughtfulness of letter writing into the hands of our community. We’ve built a fun, imaginative and creative platform where you can play with words, mix up video from the app with video from your phone and find a soundtrack to portray your message perfectly. The whole process is magical – within a few moments you can express your day, your story and your thoughts in a wordeo.

We understand that messaging is between people and that’s why people make Wordeo what it is. Uploading your video content to be made available to other users in the app and suggesting keywords through our easy upload portal is an essential part of the ongoing development of Wordeo. We invite all new users to join our Wordeo community and be part of how we develop and we’ll be launching new ways to input into our development very soon.

Wordeo launched in the App Store in January 2014 for iPhone and iPod devices running 6 or 7. An Android app is currently in development and will be available on the Google Play

Behind the scenes