Careers at is a talent matching platform for software engineers and companies.

We help engineers and companies discover each other by matching their ‘Workshapes’. The Workshape is a visual representation of an engineer's work, measured by time distribution across universal software engineering tasks.

We believe that the conventional artefacts in recruitment - CV’s and Job adverts - are marketing documents and they do not adequately describe the individual or the opportunity. At, we want an honest, transparent and easily understandable way to describe the work individuals want to do and the work that companies are looking for someone to do.

We host a community of individuals who help building software. This includes; Software engineers, Web developers, Web designers, Ops Engineers, Technical Architects, QA & Testing professionals. We plan to expand the service to include all tech workers from Sales to Product to Marketing.

Our service is useful to any tech professional, irrespective of whether they're actively seeking work. After the initial 60 second setup of your Workshape, we do all the heavy lifting in connecting you to awesome companies that have well matched opportunities.

Founded in 2014, we have already worked with hundreds of companies internationally and have over 25k developers joining our platform.

Behind the scenes