Careers at Yayem

Your passport to more. Yayem is a digital membership that unlocks access to people, experiences and spaces in global cities; making the world feel limitless and like home.

With hundreds of paying members around the world, Yayem will redefine work and play for millions of highly skilled urbanites navigating this "office light" era. Our members are ambitious, curious, caring and fun, typically entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives who see the world as their oyster. Our Yayem app is their passport to more:

* Em - a modern-day concierge * Personalized intros to incredible global members representing +60 countries * Exceptional experiences: secret dinners, nature, global trips and more * Enchanting spaces around the world Become a global member https://yayem.co/apply

The sky's the limit for our team, led by 2 early Uber executives with complementary skills and ambitions to capture a multi-trillion TAM spanning travel, experience and the future of work.

Our roles are as varied as our challenges: product and engineering, growth/marketing, international expansion, experience curation. Our team is the most diverse in the industry and we are committed to a fun workplace. We recently closed a pre seed round, with an enviable cast of angel investors and advisors.

Behind the scenes