Careers at YellowDog

YellowDog is building a world where people can do more, create more, innovate more; unleashed from limited computing power. 

Many industries have critical complex compute processes that often fail and overrun. These processes could be rendering CGI for animated films, running risk models in banks, processing simulations for aerospace. And this is despite:

•              The average server utilisation in an enterprise is between 5 & 15%. (Gartner)

•              30% servers are installed in data centres, turned on and never used. (Gartner)

•              Enterprises are concerned about public cloud security and vendor lock-in.

YellowDog securely and intelligently harnesses underutilised existing computer power within an enterprise and the compute available across multiple public and private clouds and uses it to accelerate those complex processes, saving time and money.

Stats we are proud of

  • 70

    million dollars - the year 1 benefit to a global bank

  • 8

    fastest super computer in the world; the scale of YellowDog

  • 43

    The number of countries that YellowDog has clients in

  • 1779

    The number of clients on the YellowDog Platform

Behind the scenes