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York Cocoa House

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A little bit about us.

Originally opened in 2011, we created the York Cocoa House as an emporium of chocolate where we invited our visitors to join us to discover the magic and mystery of chocolate in a celebration of York's proud and illustrious chocolate making heritage in a beautifully quaint location.

Our vision was always to celebrate real chocolate making, to learn from York's original chocolate makers and confectioners and to follow in their footsteps. In 2018 we opened York Cocoa Works, our purpose built chocolate manufactory in the heart of the city, where we now manufacture our chocolate from outstanding cocoa ingredients. At the end of 2018 we completed our move into our chocolate making facility, opening our Cocoa Academy and welcoming visitors to join our tours and courses.

At York Cocoa Works our visitors are invited to indulge in and discover every stage of the production process, you can; purchase our own hand made chocolates, meet our chocolatiers and see our products being made and learn hints and tips, play with chocolate and make their own indulgent treat or attend a workshop or master class and learn how to successfully work with chocolate themselves.

At York Cocoa House we believe in sharing our passion and love of chocolate with our customers, with fellow businesses, education in schools, working with clients for private orders as well as consulting on research projects, historical interpretation, economic development, industry management and product development within the chocolate industry or application of chocolate in your own products.

Our work and collaborations to date have been innovative and impactful investments for our clients, be it supporting them for application testing, research, client development or marketing and early stage prototype design. Of course our work is in the strictest confidence, but we are delighted to be confident that we can assist with any chocolate process and application need you may have.

Behind the scenes