Careers at Zendegii

Frill the frozen smoothie launched in the UK last June and is now available online at Ocado and in Waitrose and Whole Foods Market. Frill have been developed by Zendegii which is a small company run by passionate people who are taking great leaps in the development of truly healthy products that are genuinely good for body and soul. This means that none of our products have added sugar artificial anything or highly processed additives. Instead we innovate using natural ingredients and thinking out of the box_ which we do a lot!


About us

Zendegii is a small startup made up of scientists, engineers, nutritionists and chefs who are pushing the boundaries in food development and manufacturing alongside marketeers and linguists who are bringing the products to market.

For more than 5 years we have been providing a consultancy service working with clients including the world's largest soft drinks manufacturer. In the last two years we have developed our own products and the first of those to hit the shelves is 'Frill'- the frozen smoothie. 

Frill is now available in Waitrose and Wholefoods, as well as a number of nationwide distributors so we now need more hands on deck to help support this rapid increase in sales. Exciting (and busy) times...

Behind the scenes