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Zero Gravity’s Mission

We're on a mission to propel high-talent, low-opportunity students into top universities and careers, first in the UK, and then worldwide.

We’re a unique business with a life-changing mission in an age of gestures and empty words. Our mission isn’t marketing fluff - it is the core of who we are and what we do.

Zero Gravity

The UK has one of the worst rates for social mobility in Europe. Zero Gravity is changing that through the power of tech, backed by ~£4m in equity investment from leading social impact investors. Our platform finds talented people in low-opportunity areas and brings opportunity to them –unlocking their potential all the way from school into top universities and careers.

Zero Gravity is packed with features designed to take talent to the top – from mentoring, masterclasses, internships and scholarships to personalised career opportunities. Our members get totally free access to a digital community of over 10,000 students, all working together to make their ambitions real.

The Zero Gravity community secures top results, doubling a student’s chances of winning a top uni offer and top career role. We’ve already boosted the cumulative lifetime earnings of students from low opportunity areas by £270m, and are set to create a £1bn boost by 2025.

Company values

🕺Stand up straight - we say what we think and mean what we say. We hold each other and ourselves to a high standard, and we’re quick to admit mistakes and areas for improvement.

💪 Run towards danger - we push ourselves to the limit and refuse to stand still. We embrace imposter syndrome by taking risks, failing fast, and venturing into the unknown. Because playing it safe it safe ≠ progress.

🚀 Change it up - innovation comes from challenging convention. So we say no to the status quo and constantly seek to disrupt our own thinking. Because the best ideas are often found in the strangest of places.

🔥 Make it happen - We focus on creating incredible results rather than obsessing over process. There’s an inherent drive in our work: a bias toward taking action, moving fast, and delivering what matters.

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Escape's take on Zero Gravity

Talent is spread evenly, opportunity is not. Zero Gravity are changing that. They unlock potential by propelling ambitious students into uni, work, and life, through mentoring masterclasses and tech that does it all at speed and scale. Together, their members defy the odds to level the playing field for the next generation. We’d say this recent comment from an employee sums it up perfectly: “It's fun, it's lively, it's pushing, it's supportive, it's exciting, it's a place for growth and a place of great opportunity”.

Stats we are proud of

  • 40%

    more likely to achieve top uni places

  • 8000+

    Russell Group university places

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