Careers at Zirrø

Zirrø is a young startup making it easy for people to have a positive impact on the planet and their community when buying their weekly grocery supplies.

Our products are exclusively sourced from local artisans, independent and zero-waste shops in order to offer premium quality products with a reduced impact on the environment by using minimum single-use packaging and operating using cargo-bikes only.

All our food artisans and independent store are carefully selected based on the commitment to act for the good of the planet and/or the community.

Want to be part of a business willing to deliver great food, protect the planet and help local small businesses thrive?

Contact us: hello@zirro.net

Stats we are proud of

  • 100%

    unsold food stock is donated

  • 100%

    staff is paid at London Minimum Living wage

  • 100%

    pick-ups and deliveries are operated carbon-free

  • 90%

    products are sold without or using reusable packaging

Behind the scenes