The Startup Accelerator

About this Programme

The Startup Accelerator is your entrepreneurial apprenticeship. A 12-week programme in which you’ll launch the first version of your business alongside entrepreneurially minded escapees & mentors.

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12 weeks | Ongoing




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Escape the City

Escape the City

About the Programme

Looking to start your own business?

Perhaps you’re currently working full-time, but know that you were born to be your own boss. Maybe you’ve got a burning idea that won’t go away, or an urge to build something, solve a problem, make a difference.

But where do you start? What about the risks? How do you get connections, money, support?

That's where the startup accelerator comes in.

What's involved?

The Startup Accelerator is a 3-month, part-time course (designed to fit around a full-time job) through which you’ll not just learn the smart way to build a business and get your idea off the ground – you’ll actually do it. Our methodology is designed around three main components:

  1. The Lean Startup: Demystify the startup process - We will teach you the ‘Lean Startup’ method built by prominent startup experts. This involves processes to build, test and adjust your idea quickly. Ensuring you don’t waste time, money and energy in the long run.
  2. The Escape Toolkit & Mindset: Move from thinking to doing - From how to work through what’s stopped you so far, to free website platforms and customer development hacks; our startup experts will equip you with the tools & mindset needed to turn your idea into a business.
  3. Accountability & Community: Accountability = progress - Starting a business alone is hard. But with likeminded peers, strong leaders, experienced mentors and enthusiastic Escapees you’ll have the guidance and support to get going and maintain momentum.

What we offer

This is a learning-by-doing programme focused on helping you build and launch your idea in 12 weeks. Think of it as a 21st Century MBA. A 12 week programme built to support you as you grow a sustainable business, develop invaluable professional skills and transition into entrepreneurship. As part of the programme you’ll learn and have access to:

Bespoke startup support:

  • 1 to 1 business advice
  • Free co-working
  • Peer accountability groups
  • Intensive workshops
  • Likeminded community
  • Experienced mentorship
  • Online resource hub
  • Idea generation & validation framework

Personal growth:

  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • Enhanced resilience
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Innovation techniques
  • Adaptability
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Enhance creativity
  • Financial fitness
  • Lean problem solving

Business outcomes

  • Online business identity
  • Business plan
  • Perfected pitch
  • A minimum viable product
  • Digital startup toolkit
  • A test marketing plan
  • Customer personas
  • Your first sale
  • Business roadmap

Course fee

We don’t work like a traditional Accelerator. We don’t take any equity in your business, instead we charge an upfront fee for the programme, which allows us to invest in building a curriculum that helps you to build a business in a way that makes sense for you, instead of putting you under pressure to grow at an unsustainable rate. Here’s a rough breakdown of where your money goes:


Our impact in numbers


We currently don't have a date for our next programme, but if you're interested in a future intake please do leave your details via the waitlist link above.

Businesses we've helped launch

We’ve had over 860 people complete our Startup Programmes since we launched the Escape School in 2014. We have hundreds of alumni successfully running businesses on their own terms, across almost every industry from food, to fashion, to technology, to travel and many more. Here’s a few of the businesses we’ve helped launch since we started:


Pippa escaped production at The Science Museum to found Pip & Nut – naturally nutritious nut butters made from just roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Stocked in 2500+ UK stores with £3m annual revenue.


Charlie escaped recruitment to found Moju – a juice brand on a mission to inspire a new generation of healthier, happier people by making accessible, great-tasting juice in the healthiest way possible.

Stocked in 2500+ UK stores with £3m annual revenue.

David & Anthony

David and Anthony escaped management consultancy to found Stashbee – A community marketplace where you can book secure storage space in the homes, lofts and garages of trusted Storage Hosts.

Raised multiple millions in investment from VCs.


Deepak escaped Investment Banking Consultancy to found Oddbox – London’s only Social Enterprise delivering wonky fruit & veg boxes to homes & offices, fighting food waste and helping local growers.

1,000 customers receiving weekly veg deliveries across London.


Adela escaped Management Consultancy to found Style Lyrical – A stylist service which takes the headache out of clothes shopping and deliver 3 beautiful handpicked outfits, to your door.

10 fashion label partners.


Paola founded Noi Club alongside her corporate marketing career – Noi Club is a community of female achievers who regularly meet to champion each other and move forward together.

21 female empowerment events held in London.