10 weeks to launch an idea

A 10-week part-time course to give you the knowledge, skills, confidence, and support you need to launch an idea the smart way.

Applications for January’s intake have now closed, but spaces can open up.

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Looking to start your own business?

Perhaps you’re currently working full-time, but know that you were born to be your own boss. Maybe you’ve got a burning idea that won’t go away, or an urge to build something, solve a problem, make a difference.

But where do you start? What about the risks? How do you get connections, money, support?

That’s where The Startup Accelerator comes in.

What’s involved?

The Startup Accelerator is a 10-week, part-time course (designed to fit around a full-time job) through which you’ll not just learn the smart way to build a business and get your idea off the ground – you’ll actually do it. Our methodology is designed around three main components:

The Lean Startup

Demystify the startup process

We’ll teach you the ‘Lean Startup’ method built by prominent startup experts. This involves processes to build, test and adjust your idea quickly. Ensuring you don’t waste time, money and energy in the long run.

The Escape Toolkit & Mindset

Move from thinking to doing

From how to work through what’s stopped you so far, to free website platforms and customer development hacks; our startup experts will equip you with the tools & mindset needed to turn your idea into a business.

Accountability & Community

Accountability = progress

Starting a business alone is hard. But with likeminded peers, strong leaders, experienced mentors and enthusiastic Escapees you’ll have the guidance and support to get going and maintain momentum.

Ideas we’ve helped launch

Pippa escaped production at The Science Museum to found Pip & Nut – naturally nutritious nut butters made from just roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Stocked in 2500+ UK stores with £3m annual revenue.

Charlie escaped recruitment to found Moju – a juice brand on a mission to inspire a new generation of healthier, happier people by making accessible, great-tasting juice in the healthiest way possible.

Stocked in Harrods, Waitrose and more.

Sanne escaped banking and sales & marketing to Co-Found FRAEMd – an online platform where your taste is matched with affordable and original art.

Featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Bazaar, TNW.

Armin escaped accountancy to found Vitamin Buddy – a vitamin subscription service based on personalised supplement plans with high quality vitamins.

100 monthly subscriptions.

David and Anthony escaped management consultancy to found Stashbee – A community marketplace where you can book secure storage space in the homes, lofts and garages of trusted Storage Hosts.

Raised £300,000 investment.

Adela escaped Management Consultancy to found Style LyricalA stylist service which takes the headache out of clothes shopping and deliver 3 beautiful handpicked outfits, to your door.

10 fashion label partners.

Deepak escaped Investment Banking Consultancy to found Oddbox – London’s only Social Enterprise delivering wonky fruit & veg boxes to homes & offices, fighting food waste and helping local growers.

1,000 customers receiving weekly veg deliveries across London.

Paola founded Noi Club alongside her corporate marketing career – Noi Club is a community of female achievers who regularly meet to champion each other and move forward together.

21 female empowerment events held in London.



Check out our TrustPilot page for words from our alumni about their Escape School experience.

Your outcomes

By the end of The Startup Accelerator you will have…

A first version of your product or service

You’ll know how to take an idea and break it down to create a sensible version 1.0.

A personal transition roadmap

You’ll know how to create a transition plan to de-risk your personal finances.

Your first sale

You’ll know all the ways in which you can build early revenue.

A future business plan

You’ll know what numbers are important to your idea / business.

Online Business Identity: Website, Logo, Explainer Video, Social Media Channels, Content Plan

That you have built yourself, with no code and no need to hire a developer.

Your target customer profile

You’ll know who your users are and have spoken to your customers to validate your idea.

A honed pitch

With feedback from mentors and experienced startups facilitators for either investment, support or for future co-founders.

Tested marketing channels

You’ll have experimented with social media channels and know which is the most effective for connecting with your customers.

A 3-month prioritised action plan

You’ll know what to focus on and how to keep on track.

An alumni community of likeminded entrepreneurs

Friends, future business partners and a network of connections to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Applications have now closed, but spaces can become available. Join the waitlist and be the first to hear if one does.

(No payments will be requested until you’ve chatted with a member of our team, and confirmed the course is a good fit for you.)

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Course structure

Over the course of 10 weeks, you will be guided through a learning-by-doing experience. Much of the curriculum is based on the ‘Lean Startup’ methodology, and we cover the following fundamentals to successfully get your idea out into the world – while avoiding common (and costly) mistakes.

Module 1: Set yourself up for success
Check in your motivations. What success looks like for you. Understand what might be holding you back and know how to transition from your job intelligently.

  • Startup Types & Routes
  • Myths Vs Realities
  • Traps & Common Mistakes
  • Good Idea Criteria

Module 2: How to prioritise
Know how to take any idea and break it down in order to validate how it may be launched. You will create a focussed 12-week plan for your idea to test over the programme.

  • Making Time
  • Focus framework
  • Rules of the Road
  • Intelligent Transitions

Module 3: Clarify the problem & define your niche
Every great business solves a problem, understand the problem you are solving, who you are serving, how to do customer development and how to communicate what you are doing to the world.

  • Solving real world problems
  • Defining your problem
  • Define your niche

Module 4: Sure up your idea
Understand the basic economics to a business idea. Be able to quickly model finances and identify the strengths and weaknesses to any idea.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of your business
  • Lean Business model canvas
  • Simple business modelling

Module 5: Validate & test your idea
Learn how to build and test the first version of your idea to help you validate the problem you are trying to solve. We also cover which free or cheap tools you can use to help quickly build and validate your idea.

  • Intro to ‘Minimum Viable Products’
  • Prioritise, set goals and action your top 3 assumptions
  • Create personas, learn how to speak to customers to gather insight

Module 6: Build a simple website
Learn how to build and publish a high performing website without hiring a developer or learning to code.

  • Landing Pages
  • Product Pages & Shopping Carts
  • Domain buying and email setup
  • Application/Enquiry Forms
  • Design a Brand & Logo (for non-designers)

Module 7: Build 1,000 true fans
Learn how to attract, engage and retain customers and build your first 1,000 fans.

  • How to build a community around your product
  • Digital marketing strategies: social media, content, email, pitch decks

Module 8: Race to the first Sale
A business isn’t a business without taking cash. Learn all the ways you can accelerate the process of getting your first sale.

  • Simple pre-sales options & tools
  • Crowdfunding 101
  • Smart pricing tactics

Module 9: Launch & Plan for the future
Learn how to pitch your idea for support, investment or potential co-founders. Understand
all the business fundamentals you’ll need to set yourself up for success in year 1.

  • Co-founders and business Admin 101
  • Planning your next 12 months
  • Funding paths
  • Looking after yourself

Dates & location

Next Intake: 20th January – 28th March 2018

During this time you will be required every Wednesday evening for 10 weeks (6:30 – 9:30 pm), as well as the following weekend days (9:30am – 5:30pm):

  • 20th & 21st January: Saturday & Sunday (Kickoff Weekend)
  • 27th January: Saturday
  • 17th February: Saturday
  • 3rd March: Saturday
  • 24th March: Saturday (Demo Day & Celebration)

The course is designed to fit around full-time employment.

All The Accelerator sessions take place at Work.Life Clerkenwell:

Work.Life Clerkenwell, 20 Jerusalem Passage, London, EC1V 4JP

The nearest stations are Farringdon and Chancery Lane.

Course fee

Our course fee is payable upfront or in instalments spread over 4 months.

No payments will be requested until your application has been reviewed and you’ve chatted with a member of our team.


Your fee includes

10 x 3-hour evening workshops: during our course sessions you’ll have face to face time with our experts as they guide you through the fundamentals of starting a business, as well as tailored exercises to accelerate your idea.

Kickoff Bootcamp: during our full weekend (Saturday & Sunday) from 10-6pm, we’ll dive straight into the course and start connecting with each other.

Online resources: the course is supported via access to our online content where all material and resources live.

4 x Saturday workshops (9:30am-5:30pm): our full day sessions allow more in-depth workshops to provide a deeper dive into teaching tools, one-to-one mentoring and time spent getting the work done and taking your idea to the next level.

One-on-one mentoring: you’ll have access to regular check-ins with your Course Leaders and mentors every week throughout the course.

Demo Day: a chance to practice pulling your idea together into a pitch for either support, investment or to find a co-founder.

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Who is this for?

This is for you if you…

Have an idea for a new product or service. (Any idea counts, it doesn’t need to be perfect – in fact, it’ll probably change).

Aren’t sure how to test your idea.

Are looking for structure and guidance to make it happen.

Need help finding your first customers.

Want to get creative and have a lot of fun.

Aren’t sure where you should be spending money to launch your idea, and want to avoid common mistakes.

Feel like tech might be blocking you.

Want to build confidence.

Are eager to connect with experts.

Want to be part of a friendly, startup-minded community.

Your leadership team

Our educational excellence is a community effort. When you learn at Escape, you can always rely on an in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

Tribe Leaders

This programme will be lead by Ben Keene (Co-Founder of Tribe Wanted) and Skye Robertson (Esc School).

Industry Experts

We’ll bring in plenty of industry and topic experts who have been there and done it in the real world.

Experienced Mentors

You’ll work with a range of Mentors with different types of business expertise.

A life changing experience that is hard to explain until you lived it. If you are even considering it, just do it, you will NOT regret it. Such a positive vibe.


Community. It’s beyond words- something so great you have to experience yourself and may very well be the best community you ever come across.


If you’ve ever wanted to demystify what it takes to start a business, do this. If you’ve ever worried about doing it alone, do this. If you’ve ever wanted to break your mould and meet great people who could inspire you to wake up and get shit done… do this.


The bucket list must to change the way you think about your career.


One of the best things I have done.


An amazing rollercoaster ride. I’ve been thinking about startups and ideas for years and this is exactly what I needed to kick start my journey.


12 weeks to change the course of next 4249.6 weeks of life (based on average UK life expectancy).


“It’s like THE APPRENTICE meets FUN HOUSE. No seriously, if you want to scratch your entrepreneurial itch it’s the best place to do it.”

Nov 2016

The Escape Club

Your journey isn’t over after 10 weeks…

After completing the course, you’ll graduate into The Escape Club, a private network for Alumni of our London and New York courses. Full of brave Escapees, ambitious career changers, and aspiring entrepreneurs, this community will support you as you continue your journey.


Structured tools for connecting with each other online and offline


Optional weekly Escape gatherings, as well as bigger retreats and festivals


Exclusive introductions to, and connections with, Escape employers


Ongoing access to all Escape materials and other information


Inspiration from successful Escapees and a platform to share your progress


Click below to find all our Startup Accelerator frequently asked questions, including:


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  • Do I need a startup idea?
  • What if I can’t make all the dates?
  • Is it just for corporate professionals?
  • Is this all about building tech startups?
  • How does the application process work?
  • Can I apply with a friend or business partner?

Applications have now closed, but spaces can become available. Join the waitlist and be the first to hear if one does.

(No payments will be requested until you’ve chatted with a member of our team, and confirmed the course is a good fit for you.)

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