The Dragon Trip

General Manager – HCMC, Vietnam Office

We’re seeking someone who is an exceptional leader, strong communicator, able to plan, execute and assist with ambitious growth strategies, build systems, overcome challenges faced during rapid expansion, be the face of the company for our staff, clients and partners and be highly passionate about the positive impact travel can have on young people.

The Dragon Trip Group is recruiting a General Manager for our fast-paced office in Ho Chi Minh City. The company operates three brands across the youth travel space:

- The Learning Adventure (school trips for university and school students)

- The Dragon Trip (adventure tours for backpackers in Asia)

- The Coyote Trip (adventure tours for backpackers in N America)

All brands are youth-focused tour operators which share the same mission: to expand minds through transformative travel experiences. 


  • Oversee all teams in HCMC office – Ensure our operational, finance and HR teams which are based in HCMC are all motivated, supported and valued.
  • Lead on growth projects – Our company is rapidly growing. You will be assigned various projects which allow our growth to continue in a sustainable and fast pace way. The nature of this work is highly varied but examples of the likely nature of the work include:
  • Assisting with departments which are under strain. Go into the problem department, provide assistance and support on an operational and strategic level until the department is functioning well again.
  • Allow us to say yes to new opportunities by handling the operations of a region or product where we don’t yet have a team in place. For example, building out our Southeast Asia domestic product.
  • Once you are established in your role, assist in setting up sub-offices in the region: Eg Setting up our Tokyo office. Travel to Tokyo to research the best way to open an entity there, then move forward with creating the company, recruiting a local manager, and launching the office.
  • Ensure quality: Work with teams to ensure that as we grow, our product quality remains consistently excellent.
  • Represent: Be a senior managerial face of the company to our teams and also our key clients and partners. If there has been an emergency in a particular region and we need a highly responsible manager to go into handle the situation on the ground, you may be chosen to go there and provide support.


  • Managerial Excellence: Oversee a team of more than 20 people in the HCMC office.
  • Strategic Ability: Work alongside company directors to make bold but smart strategic decisions which achieve our growth objectives and are aligned with our values and mission.
  • Communication Ability: Work with and inspire teams across a variety of departments. Communicate company messaging to key clients.
  • Operational Ability: Effectively execute on plans, in an organized and efficient way.


  • At least 2 years working in travel, international education, or relevant industries, ideally in Vietnam.
  • Fluency in English is essential.

What you get from us

  • Responsibility. Freedom to execute on your ideas, plan your own schedule and build the change you want to see in the organization.
  • Support. We’ll invest time in you to allow you to succeed. It is important to us that our team members develop professionally during their time with us.
  • Opportunity. We are a rapidly growing company in our space and work hard to recruit internally. We expect to move from a medium to large sized entity within 5 years and you will be in the top level of management.
  • Fun, growing team: The Ho Chi Minh City office is growing – be part of the action and grow alongside us.


  • Reporting to a company director.
  • Competitive salary. 


  • Competitive salary plus commission 
  • Opportunities for training