Hotshot Campaign Manager: Fundraising

Join our team of film and media experts in creating, through documentary film, greater awareness of the many possibilities for sustainable travel and sustainable living by becoming our ‘Head of Fundraising’.

Our Project

Join our team of film and media experts in building awareness through documentary film, on how we can all contribute to a healthier environment through making our travel destination as important as the journey itself. Our team will create a full-length documentary about a +/- 17,500 kilometre journey across Europe and Turkey, travelling as sustainably as possible is search of self-sustainable communities where we will highlight how remote and urban pocket communities live ‘In Tune with the Environment’. By joining our team as Head of fundraising you will be making a significant contribution to project ‘Sustainable Forces of Tradition – Back2Basics’, a project under the umbrella of, which is dedicated to helping people reset their thinking about why, where and how they travel and the impact travel has on the environment.

Though there is no question that our environment is in immediate danger and that our own health is completely dependent on the health of our environment, it so often seems too big a problem for people to tackle or make a difference on their own. What many people do not realize, is that there are countless ways in which we can all, if willing, adapt our daily lives, our working lives and our travel plans to work with the environment rather than against it. 

With its newest project ‘Sustainable Forces of Tradition – Back to Basics’, Adventure4ever will be documenting how traditional methods and basic ways of living can join with new technologies toward a better future for all. We will search out self-sustainable remote villages, away from mass tourism, where the local people have made a conscious decision to work with the environment rather than against it, communities that represent those who hold true to traditional values, rejecting industrialization and despite the costs & sacrifices, choose only to look at the rewards of maintaining a self-sustainable community with a balance between nature and mankind. Our motto: ‘We need to look back before racing forward.’

Project Deliverables

  • Full-length documentary film (90 minutes)
  • Potential for Docu-television series
  • Feature stories for on-line and print media
  • Weekly podcasts
  • Daily Streaming / Social Media participation

We will challenge ourselves to travel as sustainably as possible and when on location not only film but learn, ourselves, the many choices and alternatives we all have that will help pave the road to a healthier environment.  

Who are We? seeks the unknown, seeks adventures that takes you to places you just might not think about. Created in spirit in 1999, Adventure4ever became official in 2001 with its primary focus to create feature stories internationally, capturing the world’s many opportunities in outdoor adventure, travel and diving. Whether camping or glamping stories, extreme adventure activities from high alpine trekking in Germany and Italy, to glacier rescues in Austria and even jungle survival in Borneo, to world renowned diving in Raja Ampat West Papua, we took the reader around the world providing inspiration for their next journey.

Our stories were widely read in many international magazines from National Geographic Traveller, to As Adventure Belgium, Outdoor Germany, Paddle World, Outdoor Magazine NL, plus many more. During this period and until 2015 Adventure4ever also took a huge step in bringing some of the experiences to documentary film while continuing to a lesser degree creating feature stories. As the print medium was quickly dissolving to be taken over by on-line activities began to rebuild and focus on new directions, with its priority the environment. The company is now in the process of becoming an NGO; and will be predominantly ‘project driven’. It’s current project ‘Sustainable Forces of Tradition – Back to Basics’, is an important one, speaking out about the manner and purpose in which people travel and where they travel. We have chosen this direction in order to use our voice and years of travel experience for a relevant and important purpose, helping travellers discover the answers to why, where and how they travel in order to contribute to making our environment healthy again. 

About Our Team

At the moment our team is working on a fully volunteer basis and has succeeded in the development of the project mission and goals, creative content, route planning and action plan. Adventure4ever has a new logo, and website with project branding in place and all social media platforms ready to fly! 

Fundraising with dynamic and high visibility on all social media platforms is one of our top priorities. We have a plan of action in mind; however, we currently miss that special person who has the savvy, confidence, an entrepreneurial spirit plus know-how to find the right financial partners and donors required to realize and endorse this project. A well-rounded, all-inclusive and dynamic fundraising campaign/presentation is required to reach our goal and get ourselves on the road.

Our producer and media team of cinematographers/videographers and media presenters will provide you with promotional/informational video clips and project information to assist you in getting started. We need to be out there on environmental discussion platforms, educational programs, speaking to the world about this unique project. You will work hand in hand with the new social media campaign manager to plan and create campaigns that will attract sponsors, donors and as large a following as possible to spread our message.

Now this all sounds grand and perhaps makes us look like a ‘well-greased’ production company with a huge number of resources. Well, in fact we are quite small but bursting with enthusiasm, commitment, talent and the unquestioned belief and determination to make this project work. 

Are you this person?

  • I have past experience in fundraising.
  • I am aware of and have had experience with the various fundraising platforms available: Kickstarter, Patreon, Donorbox, Indiegogo, etc.
  • I have a strong grasp on how fundraising through social media can be successful and the complexities of setting up and maintaining such a campaign.
  • I understand the difference and important of both monetary sponsorship and sponsorship in kind.
  • I am creative, proactive, adventurous and will not hesitate to move on new initiatives, take action. 
  • I have excellent communication and time-management skills and can work on my own remotely. 
  • I work well in a team and enjoy contributing to a team’s creative as well as practical efforts.
  • I have strong sales and negotiation abilities, as well as the ability to build and maintain professional relationships.
  • I have administrative and project management skills.
  • I have IT and social media skills. 
  • I am a good organizer, am resourceful and a creative thinker. 
  • I have excellent creative and business writing skills (English language). 
  • I have strong presentational skills and have no problem speaking in front of an audience.
  • I respect deadlines and respond quickly to communications. 
  • I wish to be environmentally proactive. 

If you have answered yes to the above, read on.


  • Research potential sponsors with a direct and/or indirect focus and link to the project’s goals
  • Development of a strategic and dynamic fundraising campaign with a written and visual presentation to attract potential sponsors
  • Working one-on-one with the Social Media Campaign Manager
  • Managing sponsorship visibility, at all levels, before, during and after project production.
  • Working closely with the project founder/director and social media manager in sourcing new and interesting partners to highlight and gain support on the project’s platforms
  • Engage ‘influencer’ members and managing those relationships in the search for continued sponsor development
  • Weekly reporting and analytics
  • Maintain one-on-one communications with all sponsors and donors


  • Once a defined amount of funds has been raised you will receive a 5% commission on all further funds raised.
  • Should the funds raised be sufficient to add an additional person to the Road Crew, you will then join the team on the road, (all expenses paid) in pre-production and production for the duration of the project, taking care of all sponsor and donor related activities.
  • The opportunity to interact with our team of film and photographic experts, presenters and writers.
  • If travelling with the road crew, all expenses are paid including a weekly per diem(stipend) to cover food and other unforeseen expenses. 

From Day 1, you will become a member of our project team, working fast and furious toward a successful start with on-site pre-production in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Up until that point you will be a part of team zoom calls and discussions and report weekly (or as often as necessary) to the project Founder/Director. Should you be successful in your campaign and join the Road Crew during on-site pre-production and on the road, you will be in the heart of the project working closely with the social media manager, Project Founder/Director and local representatives, keeping all sponsors up to date on all our activities. Our message is an important one and through this project you will have the opportunity to become an ‘influencer’ yourself, in how we can all contribute to the future health of our environment. 


Please send your application to by midnight, March 20, including:

  • updated CV,
  • photo
  • plus a written statement (a short video clip is always an asset) of why you are interested in becoming our ‘Hot-Shot Campaign Manager – Fundraising’, what attracts you to the project specifically and why you feel you are the right choice for this position.