Force of Nature

Speakers' Agency Manager

Mobilising mindsets for climate action We help young people turn eco-anxiety into action, and work with leaders to drive intergenerational solutions.

Force of Nature is looking for a confident young person to build out our speakers agency by researching paid events, making sales, managing relationships with clients, and recruiting established youth speakers in the environmental space. A major success metric will be in platforming often unheard voices from our pool of graduates and established speakers, especially folks from historically underserved and oppressed groups.

Are you someone who:

  • Is great with people & at building relationships
  • Is persuasive & direct when communicating
  • Is highly organised with an eye for logistics

Has knowledge of the public speaking and/or events industry

Location: UK, remote (preferably London or other major city, but all considered)

Salary: £25,300 ****(with space for a pay rise following successful probation period)

Hours: 30 per week, 4 days

(Force of Nature operates a 4-day work week with no loss of basic pay)


Managing Speakers

  • Manage the recruitment of new speakers through networking, conducting market research and building new relationships
  • Manage the engagement of our speakers agency, ensuring speakers feel looked after, feel equipped to deliver engagements, and can provide feedback to our team and on our processes
  • Manage the associated onboarding admin of our speakers agency, including: negotiating and finalising contracts with new speakers; enrolling them onto our payment systems
  • Manage the continued development of our speakers implementing further upskilling and mentoring opportunities
  • Create and implement a strategy which centres the voices of folks from historically underserved and oppressed groups
  • Coordinate speakers into opportunities
  • Work with our Executive Assistant who organises the logistics of in-person speaking engagements
  • Help speakers with the logistics - scheduling and communicating via Slack and email

Making Sales

  • Create and implement a marketing strategy with our Marketing & Communications team to increase visibility for potential clients of our speakers agency
  • Research and stay abreast of global events to recommend speakers to
  • Proactively reach out to new events and potential partners online, maintaining a sales pipeline

Managing Relationships

  • Develop and maintain relationships with potential customers through networking, online outreach and follow ups via calls and emails
  • Manage and respond to inquiries from clients
  • Provide excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Negotiate contracts with clients
  • Follow up with clients to gather feedback after engagements

You’re perfect for the role if -

  • You’re a natural networker (you love meeting new people!)
  • You are persuasive, able to make sales, and a great storyteller
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You’re very output focused, you love getting things done
  • You are pro-active, someone who takes initiative to solve problems
  • You love to lead - helping people to solve problems and having the answers
  • You’re someone who can self-manage and works well independently


Traditional qualifications are not necessary at Force of Nature. For this role, experience is a must (no matter how unconventional). We don’t need you to have a degree or 10 years in the industry to fulfil this role; yet we are looking for experience of sales and networking. Experience specifically in events, public speaking, or talent management is a plus!

We’re looking for someone willing and motivated to learn on the job; who is invested in the long-term success of Force of Nature as a mission-driven organisation. This role requires someone with enthusiasm and passion, who is looking to make a difference and work with a purpose.

You don’t need to meet everything outlined here to apply. If you’re unsure if you should apply or unsure if you meet the role description, reach out! We’d love to hear from you and talk you through it.

Why Force of Nature?

As a start-up, we work at a pretty efficient pace. That being said, the environmental sector has an issue with burn-out and we’re actively trying to challenge that (it’s a process!). Although we work remotely, we love to get together a few times a year for in-person working; strategising, delivering and socialising, so we’re looking for someone on board with that.

We think we’re pretty great, but hear it from the team first-hand…