The Haller Foundation


International environmental charity (UK & Kenya) seeks a new Chairman with expertise in, and passion for digital technology, sustainability and agriculture to scale Haller's vision for ecology and economy to communities and ecosystems worldwide.

About Haller 

Haller provides a model for economic development that is both sustainable and environmentally sound, putting into practise the principles of Dr Rene Haller, a UNEP Global Laureate renowned for his work in transforming degraded industrial landscapes through environmental regeneration.

Our programmes breathe life into the land and revive local economies, enabling communities and ecosystems to thrive. 

We work with ultra-poor farming communities and smallholder farmers living off barren land in and around the coastal regions of Mombasa, Kenya. Ultra-poor is defined as people who eat below 80% of their energy requirements despite spending at least 80% of their income on food. We work predominantly with rural women, since they are proven to be the most significant catalyst in improving the livelihoods of entire families. 

To date, we have taken 56 communities through our five-year model for livelihood improvement, otherwise known as the Haller Journey. We collaborate, and work in partnership with communities to establish access to water and sanitation, whilst training farmers to regenerate their land and to farm sustainably. Guided by Dr. Haller’s innovative approach, we improve health, educate and equip people with the know-how to start and run businesses which kick-start local economies and protect the environment. We ensure that they build stable livelihoods and resilience, in the face of climatic uncertainty. 

From this, we have developed 12 principles which guide our work: 

Our Principles

Have passion and belief

Create self-sustaining ecosystems

Waste nothing

Think biological not chemical

Use animal and plant perspectives

Seek the indigenous

Be inventive

Use local knowledge

Create incentives

Think local

Think big, start small

Make economic sense

Our Future 

Our work with communities in Kenya has demonstrated the wider potential impact of regenerative agriculture on people and ecosystems. We now want to scale our impact globally, helping smallholder farmers around the world adapt and thrive in uncertain times and conditions.

Haller Kenya is now ready to stand on its own feet, to be self-sufficient and sustainable, whilst remaining spiritually connected to the UK. This enables Haller UK to reposition and build new expertise and credibility in international areas. Over the past 18 years we have become a leader in building resilience and creating positive social and environmental change and we recognise that we have a significant role to play outside of Kenya.

The world is now at a critical tipping point environmentally, but we are also witnessing a growing recognition and willingness to take action to conserve and protect the world's disappearing ecosystems, and to live and behave differently. With our established track record of sustainable development impact, Haller is poised to take advantage of this dynamic rise in global consciousness and it is an exciting time for people to get involved, to add to a greater cause and make change for the better. 

2023-2025 Strategy 

In 2023, Our primary objective is to scale our Haller Farmers app, expanding its take-up and impact across Africa, through strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations. 

The Haller Farmers app is our innovative digital tool, providing smallholder farmers across Africa with affordable, regenerative and climate-smart farming techniques at the touch of a button. Releasing potential of people and nature with practical ideas that are empowering, sustainable and resourceful.

There are compelling strategic reasons to focus on expanding the app in the short-term: 

  • Aligns with Haller’s mission of supporting smallholder farmers by providing them with the knowledge, tools and skills to farm sustainability and build self-sustaining livelihoods. 
  • An opportunity to spread Dr. Haller’s legacy globally, supporting smallholders from diverse regions and cultures that we wouldn't have been able to engage otherwise. 
  • It is replicable and scalable. With a framework for white-labelling the app already in place, Haller sees an opportunity to scale the app widely. 
  • It is a new innovative proposition for Haller UK to drive forwards. This would also be an opportunity to leverage the knowledge and networks of our Trustees to rapidly scale our impact in a meaningful and effective way. 
  • It provides Haller UK with a clear and achievable operational focus. It would also likely benefit from fundraising as there is a clearer pitch, an existing case study and potential for new strategic partnerships. 

To support us with our evolution to the Haller Farmers app, and with sustainability in mind, we would like to bring in a new Chairman to steer Haller’s vision as we set out this new path. 

The Role

In 2023, we are recruiting a Chairman, to help the organisation harness the power of mobile technology to support smallholder farmers to transform their livelihoods and address some of the pressing issues that the planet currently faces. We are looking for people who are passionate about the environment, sustainability & technology, and are willing to explore how Haller’s principles and the lessons we have learned, can be transferred to areas where our landscapes and ecosystems are threatened. We have a ready made vehicle in Haller UK through which you can help steer the new vision and support the UK team on this new path. It is an opportunity for you to help shape the future. 

The Requirements of a Chairman - as outlined by The Charity Commission.

A Chairman's role is un-paid and part-time, but a crucial supervisory and support role for Haller’s Foundation Director and executive team. The Chairman is responsible for leading the board, scrutiny of board papers, ensuring smooth running of quarterly board meetings, promoting good governance among fellow charity Trustees, and on occasion to act as a figurehead or spokesperson where required. In addition, the Chairman should use any specific skills, knowledge and experience they have to help the board of trustees focus on any key issues and to reach decisions. 

Depending on work load, the Chairman would be required to provide Haller's Foundation Director with between 1-5 hours of (virtual) support & guidance per month.

The UK team is led by Chloe Ford-Welman, who has been with Haller for almost 5 years, working to implement the new direction that this board has collectively decided to take. Chloe works closely with a small team in the UK who work remotely to ensure all aspects of the organisation are accounted for. 

If a matter is critical to the charity it should be properly debated and decided by the board of trustees. An effective board will provide good governance and leadership by: 

  • Understanding their role 
  • Acting in the charities best interest and safeguarding its reputation
  • Managing the charity's resources responsibly
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Ensuring delivery of organisational purpose
  • Exercising effective control 
  • Behaving with integrity 
  • Being open and accountable

Personal attributes and competencies

 The attributes we are looking for are someone with passion for the cause and: 

  • Commitment to the organisation, being open to occasional familiarisation visits.
  • The willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to engage, research, debate, scrutinise board papers, contribute discussions and provide guidance on new initiatives. 
  • The ability to use your network to support Haller with new business introductions and corporate partnerships, securing pro-bono support, expertise, services or volunteer assignments. 
  • Be alert to fundraising opportunities, and be prepared to attend and participate in relevant events or panel discussions and speaking or pitching engagements. 
  • Timely and clear communication.  
  • Engagement with the strategic vision. 
  • Independent judgement. 
  • Creative thinking.  
  • Shows a willingness to speak their mind.

The statutory duties of a trustee

These are outlined in detail on The Charity Commission website.

In summary they are: 

  • To ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations. 
  • To ensure that the organisation uses its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives. 
  • To contribute actively to the board in giving firm strategic direction. 
  • To safeguard the good name of the organisation. 
  • To ensure the effective and efficient administration of the organisation. 
  • To ensure the financial stability of the organisation. 
  • To protect and manage the property of the charity. 
  • To appoint the chief executive and monitor his/her performance. 

Haller UK has been registered as a company limited by guarantee no 04807857 and a registered charity no 1101725.We also comply with GDPR, serious incident reporting and the Code of Fundraising Practice.