Flo health

Engineering Manager - Security team

Join Flo health as they are looking for a Engineering Manager - Security team

Ambitious’, ‘innovative’, and ‘highly product-focused' are the words you’d hear if we were asked to describe our teams. 

They focus on product, platform and the development of internal tools to bring the best experience to our customers.

One of the most senior bunches of people in the company - on average, each of our Engineers has over seven years of experience!

Must have experience:

  • 7+ years of security experience: you have previously been a security engineer and have technical expertise in protecting systems, security research or security testing of platforms.
  • 2+ years of team management: establishing processes in a cross-functional team, building tech roadmaps, and experience in change management.
  • People management skills – providing one-on-ones, resolving conflicts, and creating career development plans.
  • Extensive knowledge of security, engineering practices and DevSecOps methodologies.
  • Focus on matching the decision to use an embedded, centralised or hybrid model to the circumstances rather than believing exclusively in any organization model. 

  • Outstanding communication skills.
  • Experience building consumer or client-facing products.

  • Any security certifications are a big plus. 
  • Interest in Privacy and Trust domains in general. 

You'll be responsible for the following:

  • ​​Partnering with various teams to embed a healthy security culture into product development.
  • Lead a security effort and organise work towards the product vision.
  • Our security practises need to enable teams to remain productive whilst having safety and security as first-class citizens of whatever they build so that we exceed security requirements without compromising the speed of execution.
  • Form a close partnership with the CTO and other leaders in the organisation to advise, shape and deliver security for Flo as a whole.
  • Work closely with the development team and Product Managers to deliver business value on time while following and improving upon established quality metrics.
  • Be accountable for security effectiveness and delivery across the security.
  • Continue to form and grow security function – hire and onboard new members, perform training activities, and help team members follow their professional growth path. 
  • Solve or escalate issues within and outside the team.
  • Ensure healthy collaboration with other teams, and identify and manage technical and organisational dependencies.