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Global Product Associate

Entrepreneur First


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Join Entrepreneur First as they are looking for a Global Product Associate


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At Entrepreneur First (“EF”), we believe that a small number of exceptional people will have an extraordinary impact by creating the technology companies which shape the future in ways we cannot yet imagine. We also believe that for many of these individuals, entrepreneurship is not an obvious or entirely legible career path.

We exist to identify, and amplify the impact of, these individuals. We do this via our unique approach to company creation, which sees us identify and work with outliers before they even know they’re outliers, right through to the day they prove it. We call this Talent Investing.

The companies built at EF are now worth over $10bn. They include Tractable (a computer vision unicorn), Magic Pony Technology (AI, acquired by Twitter for a reported $150m), Omnipresent (future of work, valued at $700m after 2.5 years), Ochre Bio (biotech), Dishpatch (food delivery, raised Series A from a16z after 6 months), Opply (supply chain), Voltz (DeFi), and many more.

EF is funded and backed by some of the world's best founders and investors, including Patrick and John Collison (Stripe), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Tom Blomfield (GoCardless and Monzo) and Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind).We’re looking for the next generation of Talent Investors to join us, and enable the world’s most exceptional people to fulfil their potential.


We are looking for an Associate to join the Global Product Team. Our team’s mission is to make EF the best place for zealous Talent Investors to develop their craft and become worldclass. This involves working closely with the founders and General Managers of each site to ensure we find, recruit and develop every Talent Investor in the business. To achieve our mission, we have 5 strategic pillars:

1. Developing the framework for finding great Talent Investors (TI)

2. Develop the knowledge, competencies and intrinsics of every Talent Investor

3. Build the operating system that underpins TI activity

4. Foster a culture of excellence among Talent Investors

5. Ensure EF’s product is attractive and effective for our customer and every TI is trained to deliver it.

In this role you will work across all of the strategic pillars to deliver on our roadmap. In particular, you will contribute to or lead projects such as:

1. Designing and implementing a development framework and platform to improve the intrinsics and competencies of every Talent Investor at EF. The intrinsics are: intellectual curiosity, technical knowledge, discerning judgement and network building aptitude. The competencies are: Map, Identify, Attract and Advise exceptional talent. This development plan will include everything from developing our knowledge base, our onboarding programme and apprenticeship opportunities with experienced Talent Investors.

2. Designing and driving adoption of organisational rituals and habits that foster a culture of excellence.

3. Ensuring our institutional knowledge on Talent Investing and delivering the EF Product is codified, continually updated and deeply embedded in the minds of every Talent Investor.


Talent Investing is a new career path we’re forging at EF, and as such, being part of the team that enables Talent Investors is also new. As such, we’re not looking for someone who has done this job before. We’re focused on individuals who have the ideal blend of intrinsics, core skills and subject-matter knowledge.


1. You are an infinite learner and see everything as an experiment that gives you insight. When faced with uncertainty, you make decisions, learn from what happens and iterate. You are willing to move fast in order to learn fast.

2. You are outcomes focused and love radical ownership, finding creative ways to get results. We can optimise for short term learning while maintaining our long term vision. We have high standards when it comes to execution, to give us to best chance of moving the dial.

3. You have an obsession with excellence and want to build for the best Talent Investors. You understand that your actions play a direct role in making Talent Investors better and you take responsibility for building for is the best possible version of a Talent Investor.

Core Skills

1. You are a clear thinker and confident communicator. You recognise the importance of radical clarity and have an ability to communicate effectively with different audiences and stakeholders.

2. You are a pro at managing multiple stakeholders while staying focused on your ultimate customer. You are attuned to the specific needs of different stakeholders and are adept at balancing and meeting those needs, but always in pursuit of an outcome for the Talent Investor.

3. You have a product mindset. You see things with a product lens, seeking to first understand a user’s problem and behaviour, building meaningful solutions and drive adoption.

4. You are an operational ninja with high standards. You anticipate, plan and execute with excellence, paying close attention to details and always staying on top of things.

Subject matter knowledge

You may have a background, experience or a developed interest in:

- behavioural science or behaviour change

- building ‘experiential’ products such as in-person or community-based programmes

- building unconventional education or development programmes

- working with founders, accelerators or early stage investors

- knowledge management

- content generation


- A competitive salary and generous upside potential based on performance

- A buzzing space in Hoxton full of ambitious founders working on world changing businesses

- The opportunity to supercharge your learning by working with a diverse global team across Europe, Asia and North America

- Attractive holiday allowance

- Enhanced parental leave, plus broader leave policies. We care about our team and enabling the right balance between home and working life.

EF champions diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment in which a wide variety of backgrounds thrive. We do not tolerate discrimination of any nature, including but not limited to: discriminating on the basis of race, colour, religion, culture, nationality, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, disability, or marital status.


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