F&S Energy

Metering Manager

Leading Independent PPA provider seeks flows expert to join our growing team!

F&S Energy purchase power from renewable generators throughout the UK, offering market leading rates and top levels of customer service for all of our clients. We sell the power we purchase on to business customers in the Industrial and Commercial sectors, providing each customer with 100% true renewable power sourced from local generators at prices that beat traditional suppliers.

We are looking for a Metering Manager specialising in the creation and receipt of Half Hourly (HH) data flows (D-flows) across the DTN communications network. The Metering Manager will provide support at all stages of an MPAN’s journey from registration through to loss. The Metering Manager’s role will also include insight into data integrity and methods to improve data quality.

The successful candidate will provide first class insight and support into the management of F&S Energy’s vast portfolio of generators and consumers in the UK and provide the tools to allow further growth from their unparalleled skill set.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Processing industry D-flows relating to Settlement Data Quality performance in the Electricity HH non-domestic market for primarily Measurement Classes C, but also F, G and E.
  • Complete registration of P272 customers (Profile Class 5 -8)
  • Manage D-flow meter data quality and reports to enhance management reporting
  • Managing daily registration and provide daily reporting
  • Building and maintaining day to day relationships with industry agents DADC/MOP.
  • Contacting customers to resolve meter data issues, including the resolve of metering faults.
  • Identifying rejected D-Flow appointments.
  • Identifying areas of improvement and helping to improve business effectiveness
  • Internal and External Audits

Skills and Experience:

  • Experience working within a commercial electricity supply company
  • Knowledge of Settlements Administration processes
  • Knowledge of the BSCP processes from the Elexon website
  • Knowledge of MRASCO and valid DTC flow structure
  • Versed in managing updates from the MDD and communicating these to the customer team.
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving ability and an attention to detail