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Head of B2B Marketing



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Everyone deserves a job they love. At Makers, we retrain people as software developers and kickstart their careers by placing them in tech teams across the UK.


icon Salary

£60000 - £70000

icon Location

Hybrid; London/Remote

icon Expires

Expires at anytime

Location: Hybrid working from our office near Old Street, or at home

Role Type: Permanent, Full Time

Salary Bracket: £60,000 - £70,000

Reporting to: Chief Commercial Officer

Everyone deserves a job they love. At Makers, we retrain people as software developers and kickstart their careers by placing them in tech teams across the UK.

You deserve a job you love, and we’ve got one for you.

Makers’ purpose is to transform lives and organisations by bridging tech industry needs and under-discovered talent. We do this through training software engineers and placing them in organisations. For individuals looking to change their career, we offer private bootcamps, funded bootcamps or apprenticeships. For organisations looking to build diverse tech teams, we offer permanent hires, contractors or apprentices. We’ve already trained over 3,000 talented individuals who are now working at over 300 leading brands, but we want to do more.

As the Head of B2B Marketing, you will be responsible for all marketing activity in the business aimed at building our brand, awareness and lead generation in the B2B community. 

Success will be a Makers brand that is known and esteemed widely in the business community, that our particular target segments and clients have high levels of awareness and positive brand understanding, that we manage effective and targeted ABM campaigns and that every year we effectively convert 15 large accounts (taking 20 plus Makers) and 30 plus smaller accounts (taking 5 plus Makers) to start work with us.

What you’ll be doing

  • Build the B2B Brand - understanding where are now, where we want to go and put in place the actions to deliver this:
  • Build the B2B Content House - what are the key messages required to build the brand over time (e.g., diversity, Career switchers) and this year (e.g. new verticals)
  • Build the B2B Look and Feel - what is the look and feel required to build the B2B Brand
  • Translate the B2B Content House into a TOFU content strategy across paid channels, PR, website etc
  • Ensure positive interaction with our more developed B2C brand positioning
  • Build a rigorous ABM strategy to deliver the required lead generation:
  • Work with the B2B sales team to define target sectors, accounts and individuals
  • Execute a joined up ABM strategy to convert those sectors, accounts and leads, experimenting with campaigns across digital channels and media
  • Support Brand Building and ABM with thought leadership (e.g., podcasts, conference talks)
  • Support Brand Building and ABM with events (e.g., dinners with our key leads, annual women in software event)
  • Be able to report on Marketing ROI:
  • Deliver clear ROI analysis of all TOFU activities
  • Deliver clear ROI analysis on full set of ABM channel activities by channel and campaign
  • Regularly optimise by channel and campaign to improve ROI
  • Deliver target new clients in partnership with B2B sales each year
  • Especially important will be regularly reporting on lead generation and through funnel conversion to confidently show planned client acquisition will be delivered in year

The Head of B2B Marketing in the first year will work with PR, content and digital agencies to support the role, plus 50% of our content and campaigns manager and 50% of our marketing coordinator.

As a manager you will:

  • Ensure the team have the opportunity to grow and develop
  • Drive process improvements and adoption, and keep pace with rapid growth while motivating others to meet challenges in a productive way
  • Be the gatekeeper for the quality of work
  • Develop and encourage operational efficiency
  • Bring about and create opportunities for effective cross-team collaboration
  • Contribute to and drive forward the B2B Marketing strategy
  • Motivate and empower the team to achieve objectives
  • Ensure the team are hitting team and individual goals and KPIs

Why Join Makers

Makers is a coding bootcamp and apprenticeship provider. We’re on a mission to be the brand of choice for aspiring devs and employers with a vision of creating career joy in a representative tech industry.

Our purpose is to transform lives and organisations by bridging tech industry needs and under-discovered talent.

At Makers, we believe everyone deserves a job they love. We’re proud of our culture which is built on trust over fear with a core mission to transform lives. We value growing as people by learning transparency, vulnerability, the growth mindset, emotional intelligence, perhaps some hard truths about yourself, and how to give and receive feedback honestly and productively. We care about being surrounded by a diverse group of bright, motivated people, who all really care about doing the very best they can for our students, for our hiring partners, and for each other

Our Benefits & Perks

  • We have a minimum holiday policy, rather than a maximum. We encourage our team to take at least 30 days a year (excluding UK Bank Holidays), including a Winter and Spring break when we shut down between late December and January, and mid year for a week. The whole company takes a break, so you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that nobody is working, not just you;
  • We embrace holistic health at Makers, where mental health matters and is just as important as physical health, which is why we offer unlimited fully paid wellness leave from day 1;
  • Private Medical Insurance (after you’ve been with us at least 3 months);
  • Join weekly yoga and daily meditation sessions run for the staff and students;
  • 20% discount on classes & treatments at Triyoga studies across London;
  • Company pension contributions;
  • Enhanced parental pay & leave - up to 20 weeks fully paid maternity leave, up to 8 weeks fully paid paternity & secondary caregiver leave, and up to 20 weeks fully paid adoption leave;
  • Access to a Perks at Work account which provides access to a range of shopping and other leisure discounts.

Who we’re looking for

At Makers, we want everyone in the team to:

  • Connect to our mission - Excited about our mission at Makers to change lives, and helping create an environment where our team can do their best work and thrive.
  • Have a growth mindset - You love learning, are open to new opinions and approaches, and enjoy continuously developing yourself and others.
  • Prioritise joy - You care about others and are able to empathise, communicate effectively, overcome challenges and help create a supportive and joyful place to work.
  • Value trust over fear - You value trust in your working relationships and are able to work in an environment that values transparency, open feedback, clear communication, and challenging the status quo as key foundations.

At Makers, diversity and inclusion are core to our mission. Ensuring our people feel included and valued is critical for us to live the Makers' values: Nurture a growth mindset, Trust over fear, and Prioritise joy. We are actively working towards fostering a strong culture of belonging for both our students and our people and encourage applications from all backgrounds, abilities, communities, and industries. We see the value behind the new ideas you could bring to help us achieve our mission.

If reading this job description has given you any doubt about whether you’d feel welcome or included at Makers, first, we’re sorry. Second, we’d really like to hear from you about it so we don’t do it again.

Contact Sandy Vo - Talent Partner, if you have any questions or require accommodations / adjustments to be made.



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