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Tech Lead/CTO Cofounder - Project Chiron

Join Founders Factory as they are looking for a Tech Lead/CTO Cofounder - Project Chiron

🧐 What is the Chiron concept at a high level? 

2 in 3 people live with a chronic condition. There is a growing number of individuals hacking solutions and running self-experimentation to find answers and improve their health. What works for one person may or may not work for the next. Navigating one’s symptoms is overwhelming, expensive and fragmented, leading to a lack of tangible steps forward, and a seemingly endless journey with limited results. 

Chiron helps people find solutions faster with a structured, data driven approach. It uses iterative testing cycles to identify what does / does not work for you. Each cycle focuses on a single change and tracks how the body responds. The outcomes of each test are used to determine what to test next, until you find what works. 

At a high level, Chiron would: 

Help navigate your way forward with a personalised pathway We remove the burden of researching what to try and where to go next. Our algorithm uses multi-source data to create a pathway of suggested changes you can ‘test’ to find relief to your symptoms. The pathway optimises based on a user’s reported outcome to previous tests.

Provide customisable trackers, integrations & automated remindersWe reduce the admin burden by allowing you to customise what you track and integrating with wearables and health apps to automate as much tracking as possible.

Turn complex data into actionable insightsWe enable users to easily cross compare data sets and view trends over time to see how changes are affecting different aspects of health eg. how sleep is impacted by a dietary change. 

There are strong early signals for demand for such a solution, with many possible business models and potential for real impact towards helping people accelerate their health journey. 

💸 Why now?

We are witnessing the golden age of digital health. New ventures going after niche needs, underserved communities and/or specific conditions resulting in a plethora of verticalized propositions. However, chronic conditions remain marginalised given their nebulous nature, particularly within Western medicine - how do you know what to address when, oftentimes, there is no diagnosis to begin with? Growing attention to long-covid is providing an important spotlight on the reality of chronic conditions in general.

Combined with changing customer behaviours (users increasingly searching for and serving their health needs through specific D2C health solutions) and a pressure for greater self-management of health conditions, Chiron will become a turn-key solution for individuals, health practitioners, payers, insurers and employers.

📈 Unfair advantage

Founders Factory is in a position to leverage huge value add from our corporate partner Reckitt on Project Chiron. This could include: 

1 - Leveraging Reckitt’s knowledge of consumer health products and broader health market as well as brand to help acquire first customers 

2 - Insights into industry standards and best practices (e.g. around clinical trials) & navigating (international) regulation 

3 - Working closely with the Founders Factory portfolio start-ups (like Syndi Health, Sanno Health, Health Key) to give insights and potential partnerships. 

The Tech Cofounder Role

As part of the founding team you will be an instrumental part of shaping the product & business strategy and will have a specific expertise in data science. You will own the tech strategy and manage day-to-day engineering execution. Looking ahead, you will be responsible for helping grow the team and set up the technical capabilities of the business for growth.

Interesting technical challenges include:

Develop a data strategy to integrate machine learning capabilities into the programme Design the product and back-end with state-of-the-art machine learning principles and technologies, whilst thinking about how we can scale the product to multiple medical conditions Work with the product team to deliver a mobile application that can help users successfully change their behaviour and improve their health, rapidly developing an initial prototype to test first and then an MVP Managing multiple sources of biometric data including self-reported, data from wearables/devices/other apps, and data from other connected medical devices Consider the use of available big data sets to drive the early machine learning algorithm

Responsibilities include

Taking charge of platform development, working with full stack engineers to make key decisions on technical architecture Working with the rest of the team to deliver the MVP, enabling us to test, iterate and serve our growing membership base Ensuring the systems architecture and infrastructure is scalable and can support growthFeeding into product strategy and commercial goals  to identify opportunities to quickly deliver customer value Ensuring that the product continues to use best practices, utilising advances in AI / machine learning

You will have the following skills:

Demonstrated experience developing data strategy and machine learning algorithms for mobile applications, preferably with a healthtech focus Knowledge of the latest practices in AI / machine learning and can creatively apply them to a mobile application Demonstrated ability to deliver product in a tech startup environment and with speed Confidence to manage a tech team to develop a mobile app, and ability to inspire and build a team Experience of working within an agile environment  Experience with API Integrations to pull data from multiple sources Entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and willingness to work across a range of areas and grittiness to operate in a start-up environment Knowledge of the challenges involved in developing a digital health product, including the regulatory requirements and liaising with clinicians/researchers, would be a bonus Knowledge of mobile app development including Node.js or Python, React, and AWS 

What’s in it for you?

As part of the founding team, a significant equity position in the business A salary from the Founders Factory initial investment meaning you don’t have to worry about fundraising early on  Autonomy to build & scale the product as YOU best see fit Hands-on operational support from a team of smart and passionate people from Founders Factory Unparalleled access to FF partners and wider network (for life!) A unique opportunity to build a business that will scale.

We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.