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Co-Found with Founders Factory - Fintech Studio (Financial Longevity)

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Founders Factory builds and funds startups together with exceptional entrepreneurs and the world’s leading companies. Created by IPO-exited founders, we offer founders capital, operational support from a team of hands-on experts, and unrivalled access to a coalition of industry-leading corporate partners. Since 2015, our 300+ portfolio companies have raised $800mm follow-on funding from a roster of notable investors.

Our Studio partners with entrepreneurs at day one, developing new ideas, technologies and business models into high growth companies. Together with Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer with £357bn AUM, we’re now exploring concepts and opportunities at the intersection of health and finance.

We’re looking for an experienced operator with entrepreneurial ambitions to co-create a new concept together with our Venture Design team. You will then lead the venture as Founder & CEO with our investment and the full backing of Founders Factory.

Financial Longevity: Opportunities in Ageing Populations

People are living longer, healthier and more prosperous lives. This global trend marks significant changes to the systems that underpin our society: from economic growth, patterns of work, retirement and family dynamics, to housing, healthcare and agriculture. We believe this represents an opportunity to build impactful technology solutions in markets with unbound potential. 

Industries broadly categorised within “longevity” are thriving and attracting large sums of investments. While very focused on research, opportunities in this space are not limited to scientific advancements. We are seeing potential in “second-degree” effects which will impact sectors like consumer technology, healthcare and fintech. 

We’re particularly interested in building concepts that explore the impact of this global trend applied to the areas of Protection, Health, Housing, Leisure, and Wealth & Work. You can read our full Longevity Thesis here.

Major market considerations:

- By 2050, life expectancy worldwide is set to increase by seven years.

- Some scientists believe we could be living to 120 years by 2050.-

- We will see a shift in conversation from life span to health span. 

- Represented by a population segment with the greatest purchasing power.

Our offer:

Co-found a company with Founders Factory’s team of IPO-exited founders and entrepreneurs to develop a new venture at the intersection of health and finance Access to an expert team at day one for 12 months Support developing a concept to pitch at our Aviva Investment Committee Unlock £600k investment and hands-on support from our experienced team Senior access to Aviva, UK’s leading insurer with £357bn AUM. Membership to our invite-only Fintech Venture Building Community, with access to specialised knowledge, peer support, exclusive events and networking opportunities

What we're looking for:

Experienced founder, builder or operator, capable of operating from zero to one Unique market insight, top 1% skills or other advantage that makes you a suitable and compelling Fintech founder  Proven ability to build a world-class team, attract customers and investors Evidence of thriving in ambiguous environments and a high aptitude for calculated risks A clear vision for the opportunity (including product direction) with the drive and expertise to execute on it High IQ and EQ - strong opinions loosely held

Note - We are reviewing applications on an ongoing basis. If your background and application meets our criteria, we will be in touch to schedule a call.

We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.