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Katherine Low Settlement


Posted over 30 days ago...

Supporting older learners to improve their basic digital skills in a friendly weekly session.


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London, SW11 3HP

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What will you be doing?

Your role is crucial in supporting learners to improve their basic digital skills through engaging weekly sessions as part of the Tech-Together Elders Programme. Key Responsibilities:

Conducting Weekly Digital Skills Sessions: Lead friendly and inclusive digital skills sessions every Tuesday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in Battersea. Providing Individualised Support: Offer one-on-one assistance to learners during sessions, addressing specific questions or challenges they may encounter. Creating a Supportive Learning Environment: Your goal is to foster a positive and welcoming atmosphere where participants feel comfortable asking questions and exploring digital technologies. Facilitating Skill-building Activities: Plan and implement practical activities that focus on enhancing learners' basic digital skills, such as internet navigation, email usage, and basic software applications. Encouraging Peer Learning: Promote collaborative learning by facilitating interactions among participants, encouraging them to share insights and help each other.

Work closely with the Tech-Together Elders Programme Coordinator and other volunteers involved in the initiative. Regular check-ins and collaboration with the program team to assess progress and address any challenges are essential. While the core responsibilities are outlined, you have the flexibility to tailor sessions to the learners' needs and introduce additional relevant activities. Bring your creativity and adaptability to enhance the overall learning experience. Commit to a minimum of 4 months to ensure consistency and stability in the learning environment. This duration allows for a more impactful engagement with the participants. This role description provides a framework for your responsibilities, but there is room for you to bring your unique approach and ideas to the sessions, fostering a dynamic and enriching learning experience for the participants.

What are we looking for?

We're seeking volunteers with proficiency in basic digital skills, including internet navigation, email usage, and familiarity with common software applications. Clear and effective communication is crucial, along with the ability to facilitate engaging and inclusive learning sessions, adapting to various learning styles. A flexible approach to tailor sessions based on learners' needs is essential. Experience: Previous experience in teaching, training, or facilitating educational sessions is essential. Familiarity with digital education programmes or initiatives, especially those aimed at elderly individuals, would be a valuable asset. Qualities: We value a supportive and patient demeanour, especially when working with individuals who may be new to digital technologies. An understanding of the challenges faced by elderly learners and a commitment to collaborative teamwork are important. Dedication to a minimum of 4 months is essential to ensure consistency and stability in the learning environment. Contribute to a positive learning environment in the Tech-Together Elders Programme by bringing these skills, experiences, and qualities to our team.

What difference will you make?

Volunteering with Katherine Low Settlement's Elders Programme, your impactful role shapes the landscape of digital literacy. Leading engaging sessions from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm every Tuesday in Battersea, you contribute to creating a positive learning environment. Providing one-on-one assistance and facilitating collaborative activities, your efforts directly enhance participants' basic digital skills, fostering confidence and connectivity. In this critical role, your commitment for a minimum of 4 months ensures stability and long-term impact. Your dedication allows us to adapt, survive, and explore new possibilities in a dynamic digital era. As Katherine Low Settlement's mission revolves around promoting inclusivity and empowerment through digital literacy, your volunteer activities contribute significantly to achieving this goal. Moreover, your outreach efforts extend our programme's visibility. Leveraging your networking and communication skills, you amplify the work of our dedicated volunteer team. In essence, your volunteering journey is not only about personal fulfilment but a transformative contribution to building a connected and empowered community through enhanced digital literacy


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