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Volunteer Grants & Sponsorship writer for a female-led social enterprise

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Join a female-led social enterprise that empowers emerging creatives and help us create real change. We're on a mission to amplify underrepresented voices, and foster inclusive creative spaces across London.


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What will you be doing?

We’re on a mission to reshape the creative landscape. As a Volunteer Grants & Sponsorships Writer, you’ll craft compelling narratives, securing resources that fuel opportunities for emerging talents in music, art, and storytelling. You'll be working closely with the WDN team, contributing ideas and insights. While grant and sponsorship writing is your core focus, there's room to explore and leverage your skills in other areas like partnerships, tailoring your involvement to your strengths and our evolving needs. Your contributions won’t merely fund projects; they'll cultivate an environment where inclusivity and creativity thrive, where artists from all walks of life get the spotlight they deserve. Key Deliverables:

Persuasive Grant & Sponsorship Proposals: Craft compelling and persuasive proposals & decks aligned with our mission and initiatives. These proposals should effectively communicate the impact, significance, and uniqueness of our programs, aiming to secure funding and support from grant-making organizations and sponsors.

Thorough Grant Research: Conduct comprehensive research to identify and evaluate relevant grant opportunities that align with the goals and focus areas of our social enterprise. Compile a comprehensive list of potential grantors and funding sources.

Accurate Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain records of grant applications, deadlines, and submission requirements. Ensure all necessary documentation and materials are organized and readily accessible for reporting and follow-up purposes.

Relationship Building with Funders: Cultivate meaningful relationships with potential funders, grant-making organizations, and sponsors. Engage in effective communication to articulate our mission, initiatives, and impact, fostering connections that may lead to ongoing support and partnerships.

Adaptability and Flexibility: As the needs of WDN evolve, adaptability is key and hopefully you'll be open to exploring additional avenues of support. This may involve assisting in other areas such as fundraising strategies, partnership development, or contributing innovative ideas to enhance our mission's effectiveness.

What are we looking for?

You should have previous experience of researching grant opportunities in the creative sector, and have been successful in securing grants. We're looking for a someone who is a team player and is inspired by our vision to create a more equitable world for humans and creatives of all kinds. And a world where we have spaces to remember our shared humanity, in creative ways. You will be a self-starter and comfortable working on your own, but also be collaborative in your approach. We're also looking for someone who gets what we're about and can be proactive when it comes to potential partnerships and fundraising opportunities. We welcome ideas and encourage lateral thinking. 

What difference will you make?

At WDN, the role of a Volunteer Grant Writer transcends mere words on a page. It's about wielding the power to reshape destinies, transform communities, and ignite a revolution in the creative realm. As a volunteer dedicating your grant writing skills to our cause, your impact is profound and far-reaching. Empowering Underrepresented Voices: Your craft isn't just about assembling compelling proposals; it's the conduit through which unheard and undiscovered voices find resonance.  Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity: Every proposal you architect contributes to a narrative of inclusivity. You'll join us in our efforts to build bridges between communities, cultures, and backgrounds. For us, funding is the cornerstone of a future where every artist, musician, or storyteller—irrespective of origin or circumstance—can find a platform to shine. Bringing Dreams to Life: The impact of your work goes beyond ink on paper. It's the turning point between aspiration and actualization. Grants secured through your persuasive narratives breathe life into projects that redefine industries. You pave the way for innovative events, groundbreaking art, and narratives that challenge conventions. Creating Lasting Change: You'll be instrumental in shaping a sustainable future for emerging creatives. The funding you help secure isn't merely financial support; it's an investment in a more vibrant, diverse, and equitable creative landscape. Becoming a Change Agent: Your role extends beyond grant writing. It's about being a change agent, a champion for those whose voices often falter in the noise - innovation thrives and impact is tangible. You'll become part of a movement that redefines the boundaries of human connection.


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