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Volunteer Linkedin Specialist

Sheltersuit UK


Posted over 30 days ago...

Can you help with our not-for-profit LinkedIn feed?


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London, EC1N 7RJ

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

Sheltersuit UK is a bit of a PR dream. We protect rough sleepers in London and across UK by manufacturing completely weatherproof, insulated garments…….and these are made in our workshops by ex-refugees coming off benefits and getting entry into the UK labour market. The materials that we use are all nylons and polyesters that would otherwise go to landfill, where they would emit greenhouse gases forever. See So 3 worthy causes in one project:

Rough sleepers Refugees Climate change.

And as well as covering UK, we also send products to Ukraine and Turkey to protect the many displaced persons there. There will of course sadly be more disaster areas, where support will be needed in due course. The work that we do saves lives, but only when we have the money to keep doing it.. And all our funding comes from social media and marketing. Whenever I write to an organisation, the first thing they do is look at our Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn pages. If they like what they see.....they may donate. We need someone to help us present what we do on LinkedIn….where we have a presence, but not a great one. And we suspect that we may not even have the site set up properly. You will liaise with Ian, one of the UK Directors, and/or with Sophie. But you can also confer with our social media and marketing counterparts in Sheltersuit Netherlands....where they have much more experience and where their LinkedIn presence is pretty good. The role isn't set or fixed, and we'll be really happy to discuss any ideas that you may have. This is almost a blank sheet of paper for you to work with, but we can also provide instructions and direction if you prefer. We go out on the streets to give out Shelterbags to rough sleepers, or we deliver to shelters or homeless agencies. When appropriate, and when the subjects are agreeable,  we try to have photos or short videos that we could post on social media…..other times we just feature stories or articles that are relevant to what we and our partners do……..and hopefully we can maintain a reasonable supply of such content each week.

What are we looking for?

Must be skilled in LinkedIn.

What difference will you make?

You will save lives on the streets. No death certificate ever gives "rough sleeping" as the cause......but it often is. Our Shelterbags keep rough sleepers warm and dry in all weather, and can stables their existence to a point where it is possible for them to re-engage with those trying to help. When you're paralysed by cold and lack of sleep, you can't even think straight......and our products reverse that decline. We only employ ex-refugees in our your support will enable them to get off benefits and into full-time employment. Our products are made from waste nylons and polyesters that would normally go to landfill and emit greenhouse gases forever. Your work will help us to do this, and will of course help slow down global heating.


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