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Volunteer Advisory Board Member

The Time Capsule Project CIC


Posted over 30 days ago...

Join our 100-year project, a pioneering effort to preserve global stories and art. Your expertise shapes a legacy of human experience for future discovery. 


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London, WC1N 3AX

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What will you be doing?

You'll be our guiding star as a member of our Advisory Board at The Time Capsule Project CIC. Your job? To share your wisdom, knowledge, and connections to help us shine brighter. Here's the scoop on what you'll do:

Offer Guidance: Think of yourself as a wise advisor. You'll use your experience and know-how to give us advice and pointers. But don't worry – making big decisions or running the day-to-day isn't on your plate. You're here to inspire and advise, not to manage. Lean on Your Expertise: We're all ears when it comes to your specialty. Whether you're a whiz in digital heritage, a guru in community engagement, or an ace in legal insights, we want your insights. Your expertise is the key that can help unlock our potential. Connect and Support: Got contacts? Great! Your network could help us make essential connections and find new opportunities. Your recommendations will help us grow and reach our goals faster. Advisory: Your role is to advise, not to decide. You'll be suggesting and guiding, not voting on final decisions. Our Board of Directors and management team will handle the heavy lifting based on your valuable input. Be Our Think Tank: We see you as part of a brain trust. Your job is to think big, dream up new ideas, and challenge us to do better. But you won't need to worry about the legal stuff – your role is strictly advisory.

Your role as an Advisory Board member is all about sharing your wisdom and helping us navigate the future. You're here to guide, support, and inspire. Together, we'll preserve today's stories for tomorrow, ensuring future generations can learn from and enjoy our shared human history. #LI-Remote

What are we looking for?

We're on the hunt for visionary thinkers and passionate experts to join The Time Capsule Project CIC Advisory Board. Our mission is big, but your role is clear and impactful. Here's who will fit perfectly:

Strategic Minds: We value long-term thinking and strategic insight. If you're someone who loves planning and can foresee the challenges and opportunities ahead, we need you. Cultural and Digital Preservation Enthusiasts: Whether your passion lies in preserving history, arts, digital heritage, or fostering intergenerational connections, your expertise will help ensure our project genuinely captures the essence of our times. Community Connectors: If you have a knack for bringing people together and engaging diverse communities, your ability to expand our network and reach is crucial. Innovators and Problem Solvers: The project faces technical and ethical challenges. Your innovative thinking and problem-solving skills are vital to navigating these complexities. Leadership and Governance Experience: While you won't be managing day-to-day operations, your experience in guiding projects or organizations will lend credibility and direction to our mission. Legacy Builders: Above all, we're looking for those who understand the importance of leaving a mark on the future – ensuring that today's stories, art, and expressions of humanity are preserved for generations to come.

Your role involves offering strategic advice, sharing your expertise, and helping us connect with broader communities and resources. This advisory position requires a minimal time commitment but promises a profound impact on preserving human history and creativity.

What difference will you make?

As a member of The Time Capsule Project's Advisory Board, your insights and contributions will not just shape a project; they'll shape history. Your role involves inspiring and guiding our efforts to ensure today's stories, art, and voices are preserved for the future. While this position doesn't carry the weight of governance, it carries the honor of influencing a legacy.Your contribution goes beyond advisory capacity, joining a global mission to bridge generations. Every idea, insight, or advice you provide helps secure a diverse cultural heritage for those who come after us.Most notably, your name will stand the test of time. As an acknowledgment of your invaluable input, it will be engraved on our monuments, symbolizing your contribution to this century-spanning initiative. This recognition is our promise that your influence will be remembered and honored for a hundred years and beyond.


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