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Volunteer PR and Marketing Specialist for enABLE Foundation Global Board

enABLE Foundation


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Seeking a PR and Marketing specialist for enABLE Foundation Global. Collaborate with the board and oversee strategies with marketing and social media teams to enhance our outreach and impact.


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Datchet, SL3 9AS

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What will you be doing?

enABLE Foundation Global is steadfast in its mission to reduce the impact of dementia globally. As we expand our influence and outreach, we recognize the significance of public relations and marketing in disseminating our message, creating partnerships, and fostering a positive public perception. To bolster these efforts, we invite committed individuals to join our board in the capacity of a PR and Marketing Trustee. Role and Responsibilities:

Strategic Oversight: Provide leadership in shaping the foundation's PR and marketing strategy, ensuring alignment with our core objectives and brand values. Collaboration: Work closely with marketing and social media managers to optimize outreach efforts, leveraging both traditional and digital platforms. Brand Management: Oversee and guide initiatives that enhance the foundation's public image, ensuring consistent messaging across all platforms. Stakeholder Engagement: Foster and maintain relationships with media entities, influencers, and key stakeholders in the dementia care community. Event Planning and Promotion: Assist in strategizing and promoting foundation events, ensuring effective media coverage and public participation. Crisis Management: In the event of any public relations challenges, provide guidance to ensure prompt, transparent, and effective communication with the public. Board Participation: Actively participate in board meetings, contributing a PR and marketing perspective to broader foundation decisions and strategies.

What are we looking for?


Public Relations Mastery: Proficiency in designing and implementing PR campaigns, adept at managing relationships with media, and handling both positive and crisis communications. Marketing Acumen: Comprehensive understanding of both digital and traditional marketing channels. Ability to strategize and execute campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. Analytical Thinking: Proficiency in using tools and metrics to evaluate campaign performance, media reach, and public engagement, ensuring return on investment. Stakeholder Collaboration: Skill in liaising with internal teams, external partners, and influencers to synergize efforts and optimize impact. Content Strategy: Ability to develop compelling narratives that align with the foundation’s objectives, fostering awareness and support.


Campaign Management: Documented experience in leading or significantly contributing to successful PR and marketing campaigns, with a preference for those in the non-profit or healthcare sectors. Team Leadership: Experience in guiding marketing teams, providing direction, and ensuring alignment with organizational goals. Media Relations: History of positive interactions with media outlets, journalists, and influencers, ensuring the organization's voice is consistently and accurately represented. Board Engagement: Prior roles or interactions that required collaboration with board members or executive teams, ensuring that PR and marketing strategies support larger organizational directives.


Strategic Visionary: Ability to foresee trends and opportunities in the PR and marketing landscape, and adapt strategies accordingly. Dedicated: Genuine commitment to the mission of enABLE Foundation Global, driven to promote awareness and support for dementia care. Team Player: Fosters a collaborative environment, valuing input from all team members and stakeholders, and ensuring cohesive efforts. Ethical and Transparent: Prioritizes integrity in all PR and marketing endeavours, ensuring authentic representation and engagement. Adaptable: Navigates the ever-evolving PR and marketing sectors with agility, adjusting tactics to achieve optimal outcomes.

What difference will you make?

The PR and Marketing specialist will be pivotal in shaping the narrative of enABLE Foundation Global's mission and objectives. As the bridge between the board and the operational teams, your guidance will steer our public relations and marketing strategies, ensuring our message is consistently authentic, compelling, and resonant with our audiences.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: By overseeing and refining PR campaigns, you will expand enABLE Foundation Global's reach. Your expertise will help sculpt messages that inform and inspire, ensuring that more individuals, families, and communities know our initiatives and resources. Strategic Direction: Your insights will guide the strategic direction of our marketing efforts. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of public relations and marketing, your input will be invaluable in helping us prioritize channels, tactics, and messages that most effectively advance our mission. Resource Optimisation: With your oversight, enABLE Foundation Global will ensure that our PR and marketing resources – both human and financial – are utilized to their fullest potential. This means more impact per dollar spent and a broader, deeper reach for our campaigns. Feedback Loop Creation: Your position will be instrumental in creating a feedback loop. By liaising between the board and operational teams, you'll ensure that insights from ground-level campaigns flow upwards, informing board decisions and strategy. Unified Vision: Through your leadership, the board’s vision and the operational team’s execution will align seamlessly. This cohesion ensures that every PR campaign and every marketing initiative echoes the same core values and mission, amplifying our impact.


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