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Volunteer Newly Formed Charity Searching for Trustees with various experience to join board of Arts-focused Charity

Filming For Humanity


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Filming For Charities (FFC) uses film to address social issues and empower marginalized communities. They leverage the power of storytelling to raise awareness, inspire action, and create positive change in a visually-driven world.


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What will you be doing?

We are currently looking for 8 trustees to join our board:

Industry Experts: Trustees with experience and knowledge in the film industry to provide insights into the dynamics of the industry, establish partnerships, secure sponsorships, and help in navigating the complex landscape of filmmaking. Fundraising Experts to devise and execute effective fundraising strategies, cultivate relationships with potential donors, and explore various funding opportunities to support the charity's mission. Financial Experts: Trustees with financial acumen and experience in managing budgets, financial planning, and compliance would play a crucial role. They could ensure the charity's financial stability, oversee financial operations, and provide guidance on prudent financial management practices. Marketing and/or Communications Specialists: Trustees with expertise in marketing, public relations, and communications would be instrumental in promoting the charity's mission, raising awareness, and building a strong brand presence. They could develop marketing campaigns, manage media relations, and leverage social media platforms to engage with the public. Legal Advisors: Having trustees with a legal background or access to legal expertise would be beneficial. They could navigate legal complexities, ensure compliance with regulations, review contracts, and provide guidance on intellectual property and rights issues related to filmmaking. Nonprofit Governance Professionals to provide guidance on governance policies, ethical standards, board member responsibilities, and strategic planning. Community and Outreach Representatives: Including trustees who have a deep understanding of the community the charity serves would be valuable. They could provide insights into the needs and challenges of the target audience, foster community engagement, and establish partnerships with local organizations. Technology and Innovation Experts: In today's digital era, having trustees who are knowledgeable about emerging technologies, digital platforms, and innovative approaches to filmmaking could be advantageous. They could help the charity leverage technology to enhance its impact, reach wider audiences, and explore creative avenues for content creation.

What are we looking for?

Depending of the role: 1. Film Industry Knowledge or strong interest: Understanding of the film industry, including production, distribution, and audience engagement. 2. Fundraising Expertise: Ability to develop and implement effective fundraising strategies and cultivate donor relationships. 3. Financial Acumen: Skills in financial management, budgeting, and compliance with financial regulations. 4. Governance Experience: Familiarity with nonprofit governance, legal compliance, and ethical standards. 5. Strategic Vision: Ability to contribute to long-term planning and guide the implementation of organizational strategies. 6. Networking and Partnerships: Strong networks and relationship-building skills to establish collaborations and secure support. 7. Marketing and Communication: Proficiency in developing communication strategies and promoting the organization's cause. 8. Community Engagement: Deep understanding of the communities served and their specific needs. 9. Passion for the Cause: Genuine commitment and enthusiasm for using film to create social impact. 10. Diversity and Inclusion: Appreciation for diversity, ensuring programs address a range of social issues and communities. 11. Leadership and Teamwork: Strong leadership skills, fostering collaboration with staff, volunteers, and stakeholders. 12. Ethical Integrity: Commitment to transparency, accountability, and maintaining high ethical standards. 13. Innovation and Adaptability: Openness to emerging technologies, trends, and creative approaches in filmmaking. 14. Problem-Solving: Ability to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and find practical solutions. 15. Advocacy and Education: Knowledge of advocacy strategies and the educational potential of film. 16. Resilience: Ability to navigate setbacks, learn from failures, and persevere in achieving the organization's goals. 17. Organizational Development: Experience in strategic planning, program development, and capacity building. 18. Impact Measurement: Understanding of evaluation methodologies to assess and communicate the organization's impact.  

What difference will you make?

A diverse and skilled board of trustees for a newly formed charity like Filming For Charities (FFC) would have a significant impact: 1. Strategic Direction: Trustees would define FFC's goals and develop a clear roadmap for success. 2. Industry Credibility: Trustees with film industry connections would enhance FFC's reputation and attract partnerships, sponsors, and donors. 3. Fundraising Success: Fundraising professionals on the board would implement effective strategies, cultivate donor relationships, and explore funding opportunities. 4. Financial Stewardship: Trustees with financial expertise would ensure sound financial management practices, stability, transparency, and accountability. 5. Effective Governance: Trustees with nonprofit governance experience would establish best practices, compliance, and good governance standards. 6. Strategic Partnerships: Trustees would leverage their connections to establish collaborations, access resources, and expand FFC's impact. 7. Public Awareness and Engagement: Trustees with marketing expertise would raise FFC's visibility, develop campaigns, and engage the public. 8. Innovation and Adaptability: Trustees with knowledge of emerging technologies and trends would keep FFC relevant and explore creative content creation strategies. Overall, this diverse board of trustees would bring expertise, networks, and resources to FFC, enabling it to achieve its mission, drive social impact, and succeed within the film and charity sectors.


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