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Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People


Posted over 30 days ago...

Please help us create the relationships needed and sell our story in order to support the constant need to provide direct phone credit for people in vulnerable and precarious situations.


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What will you be doing?

Like many other grassroots groups Phone Credit For Refugees is currently facing huge funding challenges. We are 100% volunteer run and reliant on public donations. With the demands on our service, we currently need to raise around £4500 a WEEK to provide credit to vulnerable, displaced refugees around the world. We primarily rely on our Facebook Friday Fundraising Conga to do this, which remains an AMAZING way of building a community and a base of regular donaters. But we know that we can provide more, and the need is greater.  We have done all we can in terms of limiting/extending processing times and we don't want to have to cut off our service for anyone. In short, we just need more donors and more funds! The group is managed and run entirely by volunteers.  One team of four coordinates things, also as volunteers.  We all have other jobs and fit what we do around this.   We have given our best across the many years of operation but the reality is that we struggle to find the time for the outreach that we really need to help us grow. Do you have the skills and experience to lend us to build this side of things? In particular the kind of help we are looking for is:

Helping generate income, building relationships with those who believe in the power of direct giving, and are in a position to support are volunteer run and led, tiny-costs, hyper impactful organisation Building a pipeline of new funding opportunities to form a resilient base Getting to know the organisation, our unique selling points and ways of working, and creating a way of sharing this with others.

With your skills and experience, do you have other ideas we've not come up with yet? If you think you might be able to volunteer a little bit of your time/skills then please contact us!

What are we looking for?

We are particularly looking for those who have some or all of the following qualities and experience:

has a proven track record of successful trusts and foundations fundraising and knowledge of fundraising regulations. has effective communication and collaboration skills can build effective working relationships with others. is willing to keep proactively up to date with the external fundraising environment, identifying trends and opportunities. can understand the financial set up, budgets challenges and opportunities.

Access to Facebook is fundamental - a huge amount of our fundraising, publicity and how we adminster phone credit happens in Facebook and messenger. Networking and making connections, as well as using connections you have from doing this work in other areas Writing and sharing a great story, taking content that already exists and that we share on the group and using that to engage a wider audience

What difference will you make?

You'll see your impact clearly - we have numbers of Facebook members and numbers of those requesting (and recieving) credit and when we're providing more phone credit we KNOW that more people in very precarious situations are getting connected with both family and the services they need.  If you can raise our profile and our base of donors, you WILL be helping keep refugees safe and connected.


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