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Volunteer Strategic Planning and Visionary Leadership

Stele Direct Relief Care Trust


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Volunteer Position at Stele Direct Relief Care Trust.


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Leek, ST13 8ER

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What will you be doing?

As a volunteer at Stele Direct Relief Care Trust, you will assist in managing the organization's website and social media platforms to enhance our online presence and reach. Additionally, you will play a key role in training the team to ensure effective implementation of our programs and initiatives. What to Achieve: Assist in fundraising efforts to procure medical equipment and resources. Support in needs assessment activities to identify critical areas of needs in the healthcare sector. Contribute to capacity building initiatives for healthcare workers. Help in advocacy and awareness campaigns to promote the importance of healthcare equipment.  Managing and update the organization's website with relevant content and information. Create engaging posts and interact with the community on social media platforms to raise awareness about our mission and activities.  Assist in training team members on best practices, procedures, and tools to support their roles effectively. Contribute to building a strong online presence for the organization and increasing engagement with our stakeholders.  Design for Success: Manage and update the organization's website with content and information. attend virtual meetings and training sessions to understand the organization's mission and goals. Collaborate with team members to execute tasks and projects effectively.  Communicate regularly with the Volunteer Manager to provide updates on progress and seek guidance when needed.  Demonstrate commitment, reliability, and enthusiasm for the organization's cause.  Work Arrangement: Volunteers will work remotely until the organization is fully established, with the possibility of transitioning to on-site roles in the future. Volunteer Management: The appointed Volunteer Manager will oversee the induction process, providing training, resources, and support to ensure volunteers are well-equipped to fulfill their roles effectively. Long-Team Management: Once established, a designated Volunteer Coordinator will manage volunteers on an ongoing basis, offering guidance, feedback, and opportunities for growth within the organization. Appointment: The organization will appoint individuals to manage the volunteers, ensuring that they receive adequate support and supervision to thrive in their roles. If you are passionate about leveraging digital platform and healthcare, we you to join us.

What are we looking for?

Volunteers at Stele Direct Relief Care  Trust should possess a combination of skills, experience, and qualities to effectively contribute to the organization's mission and work remotely. Here are some key attributes that world be beneficial for the organisation.  Digital Marketing Skills- Proficiency in managing websites, social media platform, and digital tools to create engaging content and drive online engagement. Content Creation - Ability to create compelling written and visual content for websites and social media posts.  Communication skills - Strong communication skills to interact with team members, stakeholders, and the online community effectively. Training and Development - Experience in training and coaching individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge. Time Management - Ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and manage multiple responsibilities efficiently.  Experience: Website management - Experience in managing websites using content management systems (e.g., Wordpress) and updateing website content. Social Media management - Previous experience managing social media platforms for organizations. Training Experience - Experience in conducting training sessions or workshops for individuals or groups.  Digital Marketing - familiarity with digital marketing strategies, analytics tools, and social media trends. Qualities: Passion for the cause. Adaptability. Team Player. Problem-Solving Skills. Reliability and Accountability.

What difference will you make?

Your contributions will directly impact the well-being of communities and help improve healthcare services.


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