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Product Development Scientist Intern (8 week summer programme)



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Join Puraffinity's Mission to Provide PFAS Safe Water as a Product Development Scientist Intern


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Scale Space White City

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Organisation summary:
Puraffinity is a dynamic advanced materials science company with a noble vision to deliver PFAS safe water to 1 billion people by 2030. Focusing on environmental and human health, we specialize in designing and manufacturing smart engineered adsorbent materials for water treatment. Founded in 2015 in London, UK, Puraffinity is at the forefront of addressing the environmental challenges posed by 'The Forever Chemicals.' We are committed to diversity, teamwork, and creating a tangible, sustainable impact on the environment.

  • Role Summary:
    • Participate in the synthesis and purification of novel adsorbent materials.
    • Characterize materials using analytical instruments and collaborate with external services.
    • Analyze various data sets to understand material performance and guide future designs.
    • Collaborate with the Engineering Team for performance testing and data analysis.
    • Document and present experimental results internally.
  • Role Requirements:
    • Degree in Chemistry or related field.
    • Experience in a laboratory setting and a commitment to safety practices.
    • Analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and draw conclusions.
    • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
    • Preferred knowledge of organic chemistry and materials synthesis.
    • Understanding of PFAS and water treatment technologies is advantageous.
    • Experience in writing COSHH forms and risk assessments.
    • Project management skills and the ability to multitask and adapt.
  • Benefits:
    • Hands-on experience in an industrial research lab.
    • Opportunity to work with a cross-disciplinary team and senior leaders.
    • Development of analytical and communication skills.
    • Insights into the industry that will benefit your career post-graduation.
    • Receive career advice from experienced professionals.

Job title: Product Development Scientist Intern (8 week summer programme)

Location: Scale Space – 58 Wood Lane, London W12 7RZ

Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary: £13.15 per hour

The opportunity....

PFAS (Per/Poly fluorinated alkyl substances) represent a large family of toxic and persistent environmental pollutants which number over 13 000 different compounds. Over the past few years they have garnered much attention both in academic circles and more broadly the mainstream media owed to their high toxicity and ubiquitous presence in drinking water. It is imperative that real effort is made to remove PFAS from drinking water to protect environmental and human health.

We are seeking a motivated and talented intern to join the Product Development team to support the development of Puraffinity’s new adsorbent media concepts to remove PFAS from various water matrices. The intern will have the opportunity to engage in the synthesis and testing of novel materials utilising a variety of chemical approaches. Given that the product development team work very closely with the engineering department, you will be exposed to all aspects of material testing and gain insight into the work undertaken to get a material ready to go to market.

Key Responsibilities:

Conducting synthesis and purification of novel adsorbent material products.

Characterising material properties using in-house analytical instruments and external analytical services.

Analysis of data from a wide range of sources (analytical, performance data, elemental analyses etc) to identify trends in performance and elucidate structure-property-performance relationships, which help guide future adsorbent material design.

Performance testing of materials, in collaboration with the Engineering Team, and analysis of data.  

Collect and process experimental data, analyse results and compile experimental results in the appropriate formats (Word, PowerPoint) for wider dissemination.

What you’ll need to be successful...

Required skills/abilities

Degree background in Chemistry or related discipline (penultimate/finalists/recent graduates)

Familiar with working in a laboratory environment, with attention to good laboratory practices and high standard of health and safety

An analytical mindset (e.g. ability to interpret data and draw conclusions)

Good technical communication skills (verbal and written)

Preferred skills/abilities

Understanding and some experience in organic chemistry and materials synthesis

Some knowledge around PFAS and current technologies used to remove them from water

Experience writing COSHH forms and risk assessments.

Good project management skills

Able to multi-task and adapt efficiently.

About Puraffinity

We are an energetic, customer-driven advanced materials science company focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing smart engineered adsorbent to capture and retain PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) from water across the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal market sectors.

Based in London – UK, Puraffinity was founded in 2015 and since then has become a leading organization in tackling PFAS, commonly known as The Forever Chemicals, due to its resistance and high mobility.

Our Vision is to provide 1 billion people with PFAS safe water by 2030, and our Mission is to protect environmental and human health by engineering precision materials to capture chemicals in water.

Puraffinity embraces diversity and fosters a collaborative and teamworking environment, and we dedicate 100% of our time to create a purposeful and sustainable environmental impact.

Our Core Values: Collaboration & team first, Adaptability, Take initiative and Empathy


Experience working in an active industrial research lab contributing to cutting edge research solving an emerging environmental issue.

Experience working with and interpreting scientific data which will help develop an analytical mindset.

Build on communication skills as the intern will be presenting data to the wider team and be responsible for writing reports.

Exposure to many different teams within the organisation such as the engineering team, operations team and senior leaders within the company such as the CEO

An insight into what working in industry is like which will provide vital context when it comes to graduating and entering the workplace.

Career advice from scientists and engineers who have experience in both academia and industry who can offer guidance on the next steps of their career.


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