Oxford HR

Executive Director - Greenpeace UK

People pay attention to what Greenpeace says and does, and in this role you’ll play a crucial role in shaping what that is and making it happen. Your leadership will contribute towards national and global change in the service of a fair, green, peaceful future.

At its simplest, this role will allow you to lead and shape what Greenpeace says and does, and make sure that people listen to and act on our research and recommendations. Our hard work over the past five decades has earned us a hearing in the centres of power, and major actors can’t ignore or evade the truth we tell.

At your disposal will be an organisation with strong finances, a high profile, a thriving supporter base and an unrivalled reputation for making a sound, evidence-based case for change. You’ll be instrumental in leading us as we use our strong position to drive change further up the agenda than ever before, persuading more and more people to amplify our messages to policy makers.

You’ll also be comfortable in standing with us to challenge power wherever we see the need – and to be clear, that means that the insides of courtrooms will probably become pretty familiar.

As Executive Director, you’ll be leading a proudly activist organisation, and must be personally committed to direct action when you see injustice prevailing. However, you must also be adept at quiet diplomacy and sensitive negotiation when required, as well as being capable of managing a complex organisation. You offer well-developed cross-cultural awareness, and are likely to have worked as part of an international NGO at some point in your career.

In this role, you’ll not only have an impact on change in the UK but will contribute to far-reaching global action for change. As Executive Director, a key aspect of your work will be around the relationship between Greenpeace UK and the Greenpeace International network. We contribute significantly to the global organisation, and it must be an arena – and a way of working – that excites and stretches you. It’s vital that we consider local actions and decisions in the global context, to ensure we don’t divert resources from our overarching international strategic framework or inadvertently create a challenge for Greenpeace in another country.

You’ll be able to shape a distinctive vision of the role that Greenpeace can most effectively play now, within an evolving operating environment that now encompasses diverse types of environmental activism, so that we can continue to speak directly and powerfully to both longstanding and new supporters, and integrate the perspectives of all those who are committed to climate justice and wider global equity.