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Productivity Coach & Facilitator - Remote (Pacific Time Zone)



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Join FLOWN as a Facilitator and revolutionize remote work with focus and community engagement


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United States

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98% Remote- Europe

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Visa sponsor - UK

Organisation summary

FLOWN is a pioneering virtual co-working platform designed to enhance focus and foster connections among remote professionals. Founded by successful entrepreneur Alicia Navarro and funded by prominent VCs, FLOWN leverages neuroscience to combat the challenges of distraction and isolation in the modern, post-COVID work environment. By offering both structured and flexible focus sessions, as well as a 'live LinkedIn' professional network, FLOWN aims to make work a source of joy and fulfilment.

Role Summary

  • Lead 'Flocks', our live focus sessions, to help members concentrate and achieve their tasks.
  • Facilitate 'Recharge' sessions for mental recovery and creativity boosts.
  • Engage with progressive businesses to provide tailored focus sessions.
  • Offer 1-1 and group coaching through FLOWN+ to deepen community engagement.
  • Contribute to a diverse global team of facilitators across various time zones.

Role Requirements

  • Proficiency in Zoom and other presentation tools.
  • Experience in virtual presenting and holding space for live audiences.
  • Coaching experience and qualifications (if relevant).
  • Charismatic presentation skills and a strong personal brand.
  • Passion for deep work and FLOWN's mission.
  • Reliable tech setup with a second monitor and stable Wi-Fi.


FLOWN is a virtual co-working platform providing focus and connection to remote-working professionals.

The company was founded by Alicia Navarro, a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits behind her (Skimlinks being the biggest), and is backed by some of the top VCs and angels in the startup world.

FLOWN is tackling the two big existential crises we face as humans: our eroded ability to focus in a world of distractions, and our isolation and loneliness particularly in a post-COVID world of increased remote work.

We use the neuroscience that helps those with ADHD focus more effectively, to create a platform that serves everyone struggling to focus or beat procrastination at work (the technique is called 'body doubling').

We offer both structured focus sessions led by experienced facilitators (think: gym class for getting stuff done), as well as 24/7 drop-in sessions (think: instant ‘virtual library’ effect), with everyone working silently together for most of it.

We are building a 'live LinkedIn' - a synchronous professional network - as well as a communal focus platform for brands and businesses to co-work with their community and employees. Our vision is to transform how we work so it can be a healthy source of joy and fulfilment.


FLOWN’s unique offering involves multiple types of content. These focus on two key aspects of working life; focusing and recharging. We are looking for Facilitators to create and lead these sessions, both live and recorded.


Our flagship product - live focus sessions called ‘Flocks.’ These are our ‘gym-class for getting stuff done’ sessions. We utilise scientific processes and neuroscientific, and psychological ‘hacks’ to create a space for remote workers to accomplish their tasks, together. Flocks provide those who often work remotely a sense of community, connection and most importantly accountability. These sessions are led by experienced facilitators and we have a wonderfully diverse community of members.

We run Flocks each weekday and weekend at a range of times to suit multiple timezones.


Alongside our Flocks, we host live sessions and offer a range of on-demand content that helps our members recharge - you can think of this as allowing some space for your brain to recover after a bout of heavy focus. This is a key part of running a Flock and if you have a specific skill may also open the opportunity for additional live sessions too!

Do you have something you think you can offer here? Let us know what it is in your cover letter! Think outside the box here - creativity boosts, movement and more. What unique offering can you bring to FLOWN?

Business opportunities

FLOWN also offers focus sessions for progressive businesses who care about their employee’s ability to get work done and feel good doing it. It is vital that you understand how to host sessions that are suitable for a business audience albeit without losing the sparkle that makes you a great facilitator! We are a company who believes in bringing joy, fun and authentic passion to remote working and we look for people who share that sentiment.

Additional products - FLOWN+

Flocks are what bring most of our members to us in the first place however we also offer 1-1 coaching and group coaching under our FLOWN+ product. This is an excellent way for you to connect more deeply with members of the FLOWN community, share your skills beyond Flocks, positively change the lives of others and increase your income. So, if you're a qualified coach, a mentor, a consultant or have a skill that you think our members would benefit from then please be sure to let us know!

Building our team

We have a fantastic global team of charismatic facilitators covering time zones from the Middle East to the USA’s West Coast. We are looking to expand our team in the UK/EU & PST time zones. To be successful, a facilitator will have the gravitas to hold space for a virtual audience of entrepreneurs, academics and other knowledge workers. They require the skills, passion, and confidence to lead audiences through a range of experiences. We are interested in a diverse pool of talent, from various industries and with different styles.

We pay hourly for adhoc/occasional work, but where there is a strong fit (and as we grow) we will look to put facilitators on monthly retainers. We also pay additional rates for B2B engagements.


Here are some of things you may be responsible for:

  • Greeting and welcoming members (virtually), creating a secular ritual space for business people
  • Holding professional virtual co-working spaces for business partnerships & collaborations
  • Providing specialist coaching to FLOWN members in a 1-1 and group setting (if qualified)
  • Guiding each group through the ritualised structure, making it feel professional yet special
  • Reciting (and eventually perhaps writing) our FLOWN meditations, designed to prepare members for a day of deep work - only for Take-Off facilitators, don’t let this put you off!
  • Coordinating break-out rooms for intention setting and reflections.
  • Facilitating online deep work sessions (Deep Dives & Power Hours) - doing your own deep work in the process!
  • Hosting live Recharge sessions that rejuvenate, replenish and revitalise members at various points throughout the day
  • Writing your own content for Recharge sessions - live and recorded
  • Recording video content to be used on FLOWN’s platform & social media
  • Running virtual sessions smoothly, weaving multimedia elements in as structured, with limited oversight
  • Genuinely helping members become more focused, productive, accountable and creative through FLOWN
  • Providing feedback to FLOWN on audience engagement and ideas for content improvement.


We think you’ll need the following experience in order to succeed in the role:

  • Experience using Zoom and other presentation tools - including sharing sound, managing chat, breakout rooms and using security tools to manage the call
  • Highly tech savvy with the ability to handle multiple pieces of software and evolving technical processes with ease in a live environment
  • Experience presenting to large, live, virtual audiences.
  • Experience holding space for others to be themselves and experience our content openly
  • Coaching experience/qualifications (if applicable)
  • A second monitor
  • Strong and stable wi-fi connection

In addition, here are the core attributes we think you'll need to succeed in the role:

  • Charismatic presenter - you have the gravitas to command the attention of a virtual audience consisting of entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, and other types of knowledge workers. You understand how to use your voice and body to both engage with audiences and put them at ease. You are able to read from a script in an engaging manner.
  • Driven to help people make a positive difference in their working lives - to get more done and feel good doing it!
  • Strong personal brand - you have a personality that our members will be drawn to. You are able to come up with activities and thoughts of the day that reflect your personality.
  • Calm and confident - you can work off a script (and without one) with a natural ease, and you know when to ad-lib to get the most of a session. You aren't thrown if things don't go to plan, and always come across as authentic and poised.
  • Passionate about deep work - you're excited by FLOWN's mission, have knowledge and expertise in deep work, and can convey this passion and knowledge when hosting an audience.


We want to practice what we preach, and build a company and team that works creatively and productively. Although this is a freelance role, there are still benefits we believe you'll gain in working with us:

  • Scope and influence - you're supporting a founding team and will be involved in shaping our product, what we do, and how we work.
  • Training and coaching in deep work - we want our Facilitators to be seen as industry leaders in deep work. For this reason we invest heavily in giving our hosts access to research, tools, and data to guide them on this journey. In time, we’d love our Facilitators to become deep work coaches.
  • Access to the engaged and highly loyal FLOWN community to provide coaching (if applicable)
  • A strong team - we are led by a proven CEO & Founder, and the rest of the team is equally highly experienced. We also have a high-calibre of investors with a solid runway. On top of this, our small network of Facilitators have built a strong, online community amongst each other, and meet regularly to share learnings and support each other.
  • Investment in your personal brand - our members form connections with our Facilitators, and for this reason we love to showcase you and ensure you are given a platform to share your passions and personality!
  • Fully dispersed, flexible working - we are a remote-first company, so you can work wherever you like provided it's quiet and distraction-free. We are looking to build up a small network of facilitators so that we can accommodate different working preferences and timetables.
  • FLOWN membership - we will provide all our facilitators with free FLOWN membership, so that they discover first-hand the benefits we are promising our members.

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